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Voting With Kindness, Six Degrees Voting

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Hugs and kindness are not two things we generally associate with politics and voting. It is never to late to start, eh?

Voting has gotten especially mean this election cycle?

Are you a Trump voter? Are the non-Trump voters being nice to you?

Are you a 3rd party voter? Are the non-Trump voters bullying you?

I have stated in a previous blog post that  morally you should always vote your vote. Don't let yourself be bullied.

Bullying is especially troublesome this election because of Trump. Trump voters are getting bullied and non-Clinton voters such as myself are getting bullied. And the irony is that the bullying is being done by the crowd promoting an anti-bullying agenda.

Why aren't people being kind to each other when it comes to politics?

The answer is obvious, plain for all to see. Politics and being mean are human nature. It is who we are. Political meanness is the norm for all cultures. This means political kindness and subsequent voting kindness needs a likewise human nature solution.

Anything that is hard-wired in our human nature can be thought of as systemic. This puts politics and voting square in the sights of Irreni World Scale. Irreni World Scale addresses systemic failures, not policy failures. Irreni uses the very best of human nature and human systems understanding to bring about the outcomes desired by political policy.

Policy politics and systemic politics are the two sides of the coin of politics. One side cannot exist without the other. The reason for the very existence of political systems is only to bear fruit for political policy. Political policy represents our common dreams, our common purpose and our differing liberties. Some people like guns, some don't, differing liberties.

Human systems are not computer systems. We are not designed to do repetitive tasks day-in and day-out the way a 2u web server sits as one of millions in a 42u rack just happily serving along.

Nope. We humans need to give ourselves direction. This, by the way, needs to be the modern definition of free will. Free will as currently defined to mean all decisions are made equally with simply thoughts doesn't exist. Those with mental health and drug addiction problems are being gunned down in the streets of America with impunity by the police. And to me the ugliest and meanest part is are the people who demonize those with mental health and drug problems by calling them thugs, criminals, etc. We are all human. Everyone's will to make decisions is limited, but we all have a craving to give ourselves direction as opposed to being ordered about, tyranny and oppression.

So, if the politics of meanness is baked into our very nature then is it even possible to change political meanness to political kindness???

Sure, because political meanness is a symptom and not a cause. The root cause of the Trump versus Clinton national meanness is the fundamental gap between our evolved empathy. If you met the average Trump supporter or average Clinton supporter under normal settings then the odds are you'd get along with them when not discussing politics. The disconnect is  human empathy not being able to cross tribal boundaries effectively.  Evolution of human empathy to a large scale is too slow to match the pace of technological advancement's imperative of recently requiring global empathy due to global awareness and communication.

So the solution is to recognize that limitations of empathy are the fundamental systemic problem of which political meanness at the large scale is only a symptom. This problem can be further described in terms of moral relativism. A Christian country varies greatly in morals and norms relative to any Muslim or Hindu country. And yet any tragedy of hundreds of innocent people dying sparks universal empathy...some times.

Suspected U.S. coalition strikes kill 56 civilians in IS-held Syrian city: monitor

At least 56 civilians were killed on Tuesday in air strikes north of the besieged Islamic State-held city of Manbij in northern Syria, and residents said they believed the attack was carried out by U.S.-led warplanes, a monitoring group said.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the dead included 11 children, and that dozens more people were wounded. 

Here are a couple of questions for you:
  1. Where is the world empathy for these 56 civilians? 
  2. Where is the US outcry by the media and citizens for civilians being killed by military operations?
The systemic problem with human nature is our empathy doesn't scale. When it does scale then it does so with what appears to be random and capricious manifestation.
Irreni World Scale works with the very best understanding of human nature as we know it today to manage human nature, to manage empathy. The science of human nature is then used to create social experiments to be scaled up and out. Irreni experiments require protocols, objectives, observation, data collection and assessment at all points along the way as does any scientific experiment.

Voting with kindness is such an experiment. The voting with kindness initiative is to be conducted like all experiments in science and smaller scale experiments conducted and proven out before larger scale experiments are tried.

So what is voting with kindness? How does voting with kindness optimize our empathy to maximize global empathy to the greatest extent possible?

The answer is a complete revamping of voting founded upon the following principals:

  1. The Device of  Loving Life, or DOLL. Just this week Apple sold its one billionth iPhone. A few years ago the planet Earth had produced more cell phones than people on this planet. The DOLL is a smart phone device required to be given freely to every single Earthling. Everyone should have the right to all the information and education of humanity via the Internet that the world can muster. We owe it to everyone to empower everyone with the best information and education possible.

  2. The Vote Bank. The Vote Bank requires the DOLL. It doesn't work unless everyone has a smart phone. The vote bank turns the concept of voting on its head. Instead of casting a vote at a particular time and that vote disappears forever then the vote bank uses vote deposits. This is the same concept as a bank and your checking account. When you deposit money in your checking account that deposit stays there until you remove it. The same applies to the vote bank. When you deposit your vote in the vote bank then  that vote stays there until you remove it. No more need for primaries. Once any election, like say the Presidential election, is over then the very next day everyone changes their vote to whom they want in the next election. Votes are always on deposit.

  3. Public Voting. The Vote Bank votes on deposit are publicly available for everyone to see. Before you get your back up about your vote being public exposing people to harassment, please read the rest of this post.

  4. Six-Degrees Voting. Originally I was going to call this graph voting. But hey, how many people would relate to that. However, six-degrees voting refers to a movie starring Kevin Bacon. Who doesn't like Bacon? :-). Some Canadian, some Canuck, did research in the 1990s to show that everyone on planet Earth knows any one else on planet Earth via six people association. For example, I had a friend who went to high school with Michele Obama. Michele Obama is married to Barak Obama. Therefore I know Barak Obama through two-degrees: my friend and Michele. Six-degrees is important because the number six squares with our empathy scale. We can all relate to six people, but not 7 billion people. Six-degrees voting then states that you can only vote for people you know. In other words if I wanted to vote for say Barak Obama for President then I do not vote for Barak, but I vote for my friend. My friend votes for Michele Obama, who then votes for Barak. In an election then Barak would would tally all of our votes, or three.

    Six-degrees voting mitigates the possible threats and harassment of public voting because you can only vote for who you know.

    In order to for six-degrees voting to be effective then the graph or connections of the degrees of voting need to be visible to everyone. This way you know which friend to vote for if you want to vote for Trump or Clinton. Who your friends are can be kept secret so no one has to know who you are connected too unless you actually vote for them.

    Experiment protocols should test the number of people one can claim to know needs to be managed so as to avoid celebrities having one million people claiming to know them, like on Twitter or Facebook. The easiest way to do this would be to put a hard cap of like thirty as a maximum number of people known in a six-degrees pool. Another requirement might be that both parties have to claim they know each other and then once they do so this claims one of their six-degrees connection friends.

    Again, Irreni is about experiments. How six-degrees voting plays out will vary much be trial-and-error and will probably vary by culture and society.


  5. Corruption Voting. There are two controversial ideas that I always get major push-back from when it comes to discussing voting with kindness; public voting and corruption voting. Corruption voting is the hardest to convince people to accept. Here goes.

    Corruption is a part of human nature. We will never be without corruption until such a time as genetic engineering eliminates it from us. That hasn't happened yet so we must account for corruption.

    John Adams wrote extensively about the importance of managing corruption in is notes on the Constitution of Massachusetts as well as the US Constitution. Adams took Cicero's advice to heart where Cicero stated democracy in Rome fell because the system was contingent on purity and had no room for corruption. Politicians were expected to be perfect humans. Cicero advised any subsequent democracies to allow for corruption but promote the good in all people. Adams take away was to emphasize a system of checks and balances. I think what most people fail to realize what is being checked and balanced in our Federal system, viz-a-viz power corrupted.

    The best way to mitigate corruption is to turn corruption into white noise, or steam to be blown off if you will. Congress can pass all kinds of corrupted laws that can eventually be overturned by the Supreme Court, check and balance.

    It has long be observed as John Adams once said, "whoa be the day the voters realize they can vote themselves money."

    Corruption voting nips voters voting themselves money in the bud by letting the people with money directly buy the votes of voters. Corruption voting enables voters to be paid directly for their vote, rather than indirectly being manipulated via the billions spent on media ads. Wouldn't you rather have the billions being spent on the media ads rather  than be influenced by obnoxious TV ads?

    The way corruption voting undermines corruption and thereby corrupting corruption is by cancelling out vote buys by creating vote bidding wars.

    This is accomplished because Irreni corruption voting very much relies on the Vote Bank, the DOLL and Public Voting. Anyone selling their vote must make the vote buy public, including the amount. This will start a bidding war and especially the closer it gets to election day. The benefit of this type of corruption is that the corruption money is not indirectly voters voting themselves money via candidates and parties, but directly giving money to voters. This is a win-win. A win because voters get paid and who doesn't want money? A win because the bidding war will cancel out competing interests in vote buying. Bidding wars tend to end up the way gas prices do, an even distribution given even money used in bidding. Rich people will have the distinct advantage but won't be rich for long if the spend very much of that money. Today rich people have their cake and eat it too because they can influence millions of people with little cash spent. Try that with vote buying.

    Today voters voting themselves money have to do so in voting blocks. Republican voters have long accused Democratic voters of voting themselves money by voting for Democratic representatives who promise handouts. Political parties then are huge voting blocks and cabals that have real power as a block. But, if the voters voting themselves money do so at the individual level by selling their vote directly then the vote blocks won't matter, the highest bidder will. And there will be a lot of bidders, not just two parties.

    Another corruption of corruption aspect of corruption voting is that the people who allow their votes to be bought will be made public. Those in society who believe such vote casting is immoral have an opportunity to now appeal to those who sell their vote directly, perhaps by creating policies and programs that address the underlying causes. 
All of the above voting changes when taken together represent innovative new voting techniques that optimizes voter turnout and corrupts corruption. Now, can I say this will work for sure? No. What I can say is that the design of the experiment outlined above is based upon the science of our very best understanding of human nature today. And that is the right place to start.

Why does voting with kindness promote kindness and mitigate meanness? Because you vote for who you know. It is much easier to demonize a stranger than it is to demonize a friend or family. This plays into our empathy strength, our evolutionary empathy limits by voting for who you know. You are far more likely to be kind to a friend and family member you vote for. Voting with kindness.


Politics as Science!

Demand Irreni World Scale!

Anti-theism is feminism!  

Think disruption!

Empathy for all!

Moral relativity: think it, breath it!

Prove it or lose it!

Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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