Breaking Ground

Happy Wednesday!

Breaking Ground!

I recently watched a very well intended podcast on YouTube regarding addressing racism in America.

A summary of this two hour long video is that racism is complicated and the movements looking to address racism are simplifying racism to naive solutions that won't work. Also racism is just one piece of a bigger social system and the entire system needs to be addressed. Even so there is an interesting debate about whether slave reparations being both over simplified and being a solution out of context of the greater culture.
I recommend spending the two hours watching the video. This is because one of the conclusions of this video is that our societal problems are too complicated to solve.

Why do people feel our societal problems are too complicated to solve? Why have we given up?

The video is correct. We can't solve these problems. What we have today in society is a Gordian knot of social issues that cannot be untied by si…

On Being Generous

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Occasionally people in my position in society who are advocating for social change will promote kindness. Be kind. But what does that mean? I'd like to explore being kind in one particular form: being generous kind.
Kindness of generousity means always seeing some goodness in everyone no matter how hated a person might be. I suppose one example of would be nuns who minister to prisoners on death row.
Here is an example I posted in  yesterday's post:
"A reasonable person adapts themselves to their environment. Therefore all progress depends on the reasonable person."
- George Bernhard Shaw
The original quote used "man" where I replaced "man" with "person". Times change and language changes in real time. When Shaw used the word man then it was understood to mean anyone. Not so today.  I translated old English to new English for the same reason  a quote in Spanish would need translating into English: to convey meaning

What I d…

Where are we?

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Where are we?  I know where I'm at. I'm hijacking the new #Unity2020 traffic on Twitter for my own campaign! Ha! Evil laugh! Ha!

Where are we politically in 2020? Why are we stuck in political quicksand without a rope? Well, because when dysfunction is normal then functional is insane. As George Bernard Shaw opined, "The reasonable person adapts themselves to their environment. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable person." Reasonable people have adapted to the current dysfunctional environment. We can no longer trust our personal political reasoning. What is the solution to this dilemma? Frontier. The solution is to adventure! Adventure into the apparent unknown! It's romantic like my hat! Frontier adventuring means heading into unknown territory of unknown risk, but do so with the best safety measures possible. Irreni will appear crazy to you because the crazy today seems normal to you. The only way out is to bridge the gap of unknown …

Rights Suck!

HaPpY SaTuRdAy!

Rights Suck!

People in Maine are not wearing masks. I live in Maine and when I'm out and about here in Bangor I see about a third of the people are wearing masks.

Irreni World Scale, for the day!
Why not? Because the US Constitution is crap and rights suck. When I read the US Constitution I came to the same conclusion as when I read the Bible. What crap. The US Constitution is garbage and needs to be taken curbside. I'm a free thinker and free thinking is not limited to just religion.

Why is the US Constitution crap? Well, it doesn't scale for one. Rights suck for another. This essay is about rights sucking so I'll leave the the other myriad reasons alone on this occasion.

Rights only represent one half of the equation, the benefits. Rights do not lay out the other side, the responsibilities. The right to free speech is detached from any responsibility obligation required to realize the benefit. This is why we don't see people wearing masks. This is why…

Benjamin Franklin: The Quintessential Libertatian

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Benjamin Franklin: The Quinessential LibertarianIrreni World Scale is a slow start algorithm. It requries decades of cultural change that coexist side-by-side with existing Democracies before the political apparatus dominates.

So with that said I need a healthy version Democracy to sustain for decades and the current two parties are mucking up my plans.
There is significant new party energy these days and they need to succeed because ultimately both current parties will need to be ousted.

I'd like to take a moment and speak directly to the Libertarian party.
The existing Libertarian party worships at the alter of Capitalism and their god is the invisible hand of the free market. This god is perfect in their eyes and can do no wrong. This god is the fundamental roadblock to an otherwise superior ideology from being seen as superior.
How did the modern Libertarian party get highjacked by the god of Capitalism? The answer is easy enough, Ayn Rand. More specifically it is…

Be For, Not After

Be For, Not After

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There is an analysis of the culture wars going around that I believe is misplaced and therefore ultimately unresolvable because the wrong cause is being promoted.
The misplaced cause is regarding cancel culture. The rise of such movements as Black Lives Matters, anti-police, #MeToo, and Trans rights have all gained traction and exercised power using cancel culture.
Conventional wisdom is these aliberal, anti-American causes as seen through the eyes of their detractors are the result of leftist ideology learned on college campuses.

But let me ask you this. If the American middleclass were not being dissolved at such a rapid pace then do you really think we'd be seeing such cancel culture?

A couple of common colloquialisms can help us here:
1. Get busy living or get busy dying. 2. I don't have enough time to give all the love that I have in order to have time to hate. 3. If you are not playing a big a enough game then you will screw up the one you are pl…

Education: Culture Wars

Happy Sunday!

Education: Culture Wars
The world is changing so fast that it can be hard to get a handle on everything that is changing around us. One aspect of this rapid changing are the culture wars. For example what is the vocabulary we can use to even have such a conversation? Identity politics? Intersectionalism?

This blog post is not about Irreni. Rather it is education about culture and abstract principles regarding culture wars and culture changing.

The Youtube video below is part of the Rebel Wisdom channel.

"I started to understand that society was going to be lying about everything at almost all times. That's a very terrifying thought to have. We have effectively entered a period in which we cannot trust our experts. And I think that what began as a desire to contribute and to do real work ended with an understanding that we've got two generations of institutional experts that are corrupted and that we cannot wake up from this crazy fever dream that we are all i…

Internet Government

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Irreni World Scale is the first Internet government as well as the first micro government. It is also the first experimental government that defines governing as the process of continuous political experiment.
All of this depends on the Internet. Irreni World Scale is designed around the Internet. Did you know the first application of the Internet was scientific? The Internet was designed to allow research scientists to share scientific research quickly and speed up science for the military. The Internet was started by DARPA back in the 1960s. By the early 1980s the various Universities were emailing research papers and exchanging data. This rapid communication gave the US a technological edge on military technology research. The commercial aspect of the Internet would not arise until the advent of the World Wide Web.
Irreni World Scale echoes this original Internet  by using the Internet to massively collect data and to publish reseach for political experiments.
Every s…