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How To Treat Trump

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Problem: How do we treat Trump, his supporters and his voters?

Should we give Trump a chance? Should we condone but not approve? Should we put the country first? Should we work with his voters but not him? What's the right answer here?

Solution: Treat them like terrorists.

The reason we don't negotiate with terrorists is we don't want to encourage the behavior.

Trump is a bully. Trump said on national TV during a Republican primary he would kill not only the terrorists, but their families.  Trump's go-to methods are insults and threats. If anyone anti-Trump is thinking about "reaching across the aisle" or "Ameri-cans vs Ameri-can'ts" then they need to ask themselves: are you encouraging future political campaigns in America to use the means of hate to get elected?

This is definitely an "ends doesn't justify the means" argument. The same as with not-negotiating with terrorists.

Trump is 100% about bullying and 0% about understanding politics. Trump is on record stating he had no idea about any Obama-care replacement but only a one word answer, "terrific". And his voters bought it. Is that the kind of campaigning you want at every level of government going forward? Do you want to encourage that kind of voting? If not then we need to to tow the line: do not negotiate.

This is not a case of minor bullying or gaffes. Bullying is who Trump is. He mocked, derided and ridiculed the free press every single campaign stop in front of millions of his supporters. This is a country with a core value of freedom of the press. Pile onto that the Donald loves press favorable to him when Trump used his friend at the National Enquirer to smear Ted Cruz then you have all the trappings of a despot.

Trump is a real extensional threat to everything we hold dear.

Trump Supporters and Voters

Love Trumps Hate. Trump supporters are mocking protesters because the argument is that there is hate behind the protest.

Wrong. The protesters are showing solidarity with the LGBT and people of color who are about to be oppressed bigly during the Trump years.  That is the love that is trumping hate.

So how do we treat the supporters and voters?

The voters are easy.

Rub their noses in it continuously for four years. Any political discussion needs to be ferociously met with "nasty woman", "grab them by the pussy", "Mexicans are rapists", "build a wall". Do not talk policy. Do not talk politics. Just remind them that if someone votes for a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, fat-shaming, ugly-shaming, free-speech hating bully then they have to own it. And by own it I mean there is no "but". I mean there is no 'but' as in "but Clinton..." For shame, for shame, for shame.

That's how to treat the voters. Whenever discussions turn to politics then just shame away.

And his supporters?

As to his supporters, well, it needs to get more real. His supporters not only need to be shamed, but rejected. Under no circumstances does this mean violence.
I'm not talking government force or violence. I'm talking about denying them any attention in the media. Ignore them in public, shame them in private.  I'm talking do not hire them for jobs. Do not wait on them at a restaurant. If Newt Gingrinch sits down at your table, walk out.

We cannot normalize Trumps behavior, the price is too high.

Why isn't it okay to cooperate, even a little, with the Trump regime? Because the Fourth Estate is dead. Trump got billions of dollars of free media time precisely because his bullying theatrics sell, bigly.

The only firewall, the only bulwark, against a torrent of future bullying by all political candidates is the complete and total rejection of everything Trump.

Media time is expensive. Trump has now cleared a path for free media time. Do you really think your future politicians can avoid that click-bait honeypot?

The ends doesn't justify the means. What's at stake here if we treat with Trump is nothing less than a total collapse of our political class into nothing more than a steaming pile of bullies.

The stakes are high and that's why this must be treated on par with terrorism. That means the commitment to not negotiate with Trump must as equally as high as not negotiating with terrorists. 

Do not politically acknowledge, negotiate, or treat with Trump, or his supporters or his voters. Just "you voted for Mr. grab them by the pussy" shame them.

The entire future of our political discourse is at stake.

Voluntarily Reject Demagoguery!

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Demand Irreni World Scale!

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Think disruption!

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Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

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The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

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