Friday, October 24, 2014

Irreni begins!

Well met! Happy Friday!

We need to scale.
We need to scale out.
We need to scale out now.

Zoom zoom! Hey!, I'm Mybrid Wonderful and I have here what is missing in today's blogosphere: political answers. What are those political answers? Answers to as why our governments are failing and what to do next. 

Our fundamental problem with governments world-wide is system scale-out. Every country participates in the global economy, the Internet, currency exchange and world communication. The only country boundaries are geographical and, whether by plane, train or automobile those  *boundaries* are  very porous. What does *country* even mean without boundaries?

Our problems are, at the very foundation, fundamentally systemic. The US Constitution has collapsed under the weight of time and technology. We need an upgrade and we need it now. The systems of checks-and-balances that were meant to protect us from tyranny have been blown out completely. Now we have concentrated power in the US doing what it has always done across all time; oppress the masses for the sake of those in power.

In this blog I'm going to apply the principals we've learned from scaling-out computer science to governments. This includes a process of daily innovation. We need to have daily innovation and even of our most fundamental of documents like the US Constitution. Innovation is what we do daily in tech to adjust for the every increasing scale of technology and that is what needs to happen with governments. And that is why this blog is entitled, "Irreni". Irreni stands for "Innovation Replaces Revolution, Engineering Not Ideology".  I'm going to argue for engineering systemic changes that need to happen in order to manage seven-billion people who are all connected by Internet, cell-phones, currency and fast transportation.

Well come! and Well met!

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