Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Fictional Grand Jury Testimony

Hi! h A p P y  T u E s D a Y!

The following is a work of fiction. Cognitive dissonance is the pain we feel when we hold two opposing view points as truths in our minds and can't reconcile them. So the pain.

This blog post has only a secondary or tangential relation to innovating government: a teaching moment of cognitive dissonance. I say secondary because many of the problems being discussed in the media today of our broken government are promoted as exciting, blood curdling failures of some ideology we disagree with, aka political puppet theater....when we know the truth is that the problem is just boring systems of politics. We don't want to talk boring. Engineering is not exciting. On to cognitive dissonance!

Murder requires motive. We've all watched a bezillion police shows. We've all heard it said a thousand times over: murder requires motive. Where was Michael Brown's motive to murder Darren Wilson? Darren Wilson states he felt his life was in danger. But why would Michael Brown want to murder Darren Wilson? One just doesn't go for a cops gun unless one intends to finish what one has started. Michael wasn't out-of-his mind on drugs. Being caught stealing a box of cigars is not murder motive. What was? We'll never know because there is no trial.

This fiction, "A Fictional Grand Jury Testimony", explores our own cognitive dissonance: murder requires motive and yet we do not ask that in today's media. For some reason Americans believe Michael Brown was murderous in nature when in fact we know that is not human nature: murder requires motive.

A Fictional Grand Jury Testimony

DA, "Officer Wilson. what's Michael's motive for murder?"

Officer Wilson, "I don't know, as I stated earlier his actions make no sense to me, going after me for just jay walking."

DA, "By your own testimony, you stated that Michael Brown was intent on killing you, is that correct?"

Officer Wilson, "I believe so. He was punching me in the face and went for my gun."

DA, "Officer Wilson, are you aware that unless Michael Brown was on drugs or otherwise mentally disturbed then motive for murder is key, a central part of a murder trial?

Officer Wilson, "Yes."

DA, "If the roles had been reversed and it was Michael Brown here on the stand today then his motive for murder would be critical would it not?"

Officer Wilson, "I guess so."

DA, "I ask you again Officer Wilson, what was Michael Brown's motive for murdering you?"

Officer Wilson, "I have no idea, his actions don't make any kind of sense."

DA, "Is that because, in fact, they don't? When facts don't add up then other explanations need exploration: like you're lying to cover up a murder. A lie that can be clearly demonstrated to have motive to keep you out of jail. Are you lying Officer Wilson?"

Officer Wilson, "Of course not?"

DA, "Have you ever lied before in testimony about your job Officer Wilson? We have video tape of a testimony that conflicts with a verbal statement you gave to a commanding officer."

Officer Wilson, "No comment."

DA, "The facts are you claim Michael Brown was intent on murder with no motive. By you own testimony Michael Brown's actions make no sense and every prosecuting attorney in this country is trained to believe just that: murder requires motive. The state asserts it is equally credible that a known liar and corrupt Ferguson police department is just as believable as Michael Brown attempting to murder Darren Wilson without provocation and without motive. To whit, you may be lying Darren Wilson."

DA, "Officer Wilson, do you regularly patrol this neighborhood. Is this your beat."

Officer Wilson, "Yes."

DA, "I have here testimony from Michael's family and friends that state Michael routinely roamed these same streets daily. By your own description you site Michael Brown was a monster, a Hulk Hogan. Surely you would have noticed him on patrol? So I ask you Officer Wilson, have you ever met or had an encounter with Michael Brown prior? Did you know him in any fashion?"

Officer Wilson, "Yes."

DA, "Please detail for the court the incidents in question."

Officer Wilson, "I plead the fifth."

DA, "So, it is quite possible in fact you knew Michael Brown and that in fact it is this relationship which provided Michael Brown's own motive for your murder, or conversely your motive for the murder of Michael Brown?"

Officer Wilson, "I plead the fifth."

DA, "No more questions. The fact is Darren Wilson killed Michael Brown in the line of duty. Darren Wilson would have you believe that Michael Brown intended to murder Darren Wilson with no motive, no drugs and no mental incapacities. Michael Brown was in sound state of mind. We will never know what really happened that day unless Darren Wilson is indicted. We will never get to the bottom of Michael Brown's motive. The State recommends indictment."

Cognitive dissonance of the United States? What was Michael Brown's motive?

Well come! and Well met! 

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