Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Fun: Political Solutions Kick Off Part 3

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

"You have to be careful if you are not sure where you are going because you might not get there."
-Yogi Berra

In the previous two posts today I put forth two solutions for kicking off political innovation: simulation and promotions...gaming and movies. This third solution is an integral part of the first two: having fun socializing. This is so important I'm calling it out as a separate solution but is really part of the first two.  Kick-off part 3 is feature of the first two: fun socializing together.

To summarize the first two solutions we need to let our politicians know what to deliver today as well as we need to let ourselves know what to deliver tomorrow as we innovate our systems. But, there is a mystery. Why the fun in this solution? Isn't this serious business? Glad you asked. Plato in 66 B.C.E. wrote a book called "The Republic". In that book Plato asserted that good people would always avoid politics. Why? One, politics is corrupt. Two, good people don't want to compromise their principles engaging in corrupt politics.

What to do? Let's call this Plato's Problem. Who wants to sit in the back seat on the hump? That's politics.

Plato's Problem can be overcome by focusing on venues of entertainment when first engaging politics. Plato's Problem can be overcome by getting massive amounts of people involved in politics to create a large pool to draw from. A large pool of potential politicians.  Kick off solutions part 1 and part 2 both require socializing. Kinda hard to either  make a movie or role play alone. The first order of kicking off our political act is getting our act together. And our scenes. Ha! The second order is creating the objective for today and tomorrow. The third order is innovation. Hollywood fails miserably in promoting next generation social constructs other than vampires and zombies. We can do better. So let's.

Let's engage each other in fun, political ways to get the ball rolling.  Then, as Escher once quipped, we can all state, "my life is an entertainment, a very serious entertainment" Massive amounts of people engaging in good times politics socially can generate good, qualified people to run for office and resolve Plato's Problem.

Politics doesn't have to be boring. Seriously.

Well come! and Well met! 

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