Thursday, November 20, 2014

Innovation Replaces Personality

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Personality. Character.

Imagine you are living back in the 1700s, somewhere around 1790s right after the US Constitution is ratified. The county has about a 50% literacy rate. Perhaps you can read. Further imagine you are getting ready to vote for the first time for your representative.

Here's a question: do you vote for character, party or on the issues?

The point I'm trying to make is one of scale. Back then information was at best newspapers. Transportation took perhaps weeks to get to Washington. Voting on someone's character was a proxy for voting on issues in that era. An era of transportation and communication that did not allow you to keep abreast of world events and day-to-day issues being addressed. Character stood instead as a hope your representative would think like you.

Voting for character made sense back then. Voting for party made sense back then. Voting for the character of your party made sense on that scale.

And today? Does voting for character or party make sense with our technology scale?

And today? No. Instant communication and rapid transportation affords us a power unprecedented: the power to know  every issue in real time.

And today? No. A peccadillo, a lie or other personal transgression of a political or thought leader is no longer a valid indicator of what a person does because we can know 100% a persons track record. This 100% capability now gives us the power to work with people who have huge character flaws in some aspects of their lives that do not apply to governing. That's awesome! Ron Paul pointed this out. A reporter asked Ron Paul why should voters choose him when many felt he was crazy on some issues. Paul's answer was that on issues he was far out of the main stream then Congress would check him and hold him back. That's the idea.

Innovation replaces personality. Innovation replaces revolution. Innovation replaces party. Innovation replaces ideology. We now have the power of technology to use ideas as distinct building blocks. We can engineer governing. We no longer need to accept idea place holders such as a person's character.

We have the power today to work with ideas as building blocks. That makes us mighty. We no longer need to subscribe to arguments of Democracy, Socialism, Capitalism, Communism or other ideologies. We no longer need to ascribe value to ideas just because they were supported by people of character such as Washington, Jefferson, Franklin or Adams. We do not even need to assign a collection of ideas a name. We can pick-and-choose as things work together. We can drop ideas that fail, all without the need for labels.

We are free. We are idea independent.

We are now technologically enabled to mix and match ideas, to innovate ideas just as engineers use building blocks like nuts, bolts, sheet metal, rubber, glass and all the rest to build technology that eventually becomes a car or what have you How free is that!

This blog is in a big way about shattering the chains of proscribed thinking, of dismantling idea place holders like character. Dismiss them.

We have no need for cult of personality. Innovation replaces personality when it comes to judging ideas.

Well come! and Well met! 

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