Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Movies: Political Solutions Kick Off Part 2

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

Movies, lets make them. Lots of them.

Part one of the political solutions kick-off is simulation, or training. Part two is movies, or promotions.

Our politicians can't possible deliver on the goods if they do not know what the goods are, damn it? What society do we want to live in? Religion? Technology? Earth Stewards? Or my favorite, Earth As Spaceship? What's the right model for politicians to deliver? We need to tell them. Loudly. 

Give it your best shot! Make a movie with all the trimmings of what your idea of an ideal society looks like! Do it! In this case a popularity contest is in order! Movies depicting ideal societies that garner widespread popularity can help us talk to each other and our politicians. All guns a blazing! Or not!

Today politicians get their notions about what we want from polling. Polling. Polling is that old adage about a bunch of blind people only touching their own part of an elephant trying to figure out what it is by talking to each other.

The idea with movies is simple. Create your ideal and see who comes to party with you.

And remember, an ideal is just that. We should help each other be as accurate as possible in our promotions in reflecting reality because these movies are our communications about what we want out of reality as a people. But being accurate isn't the most important step. The most important step is to make the movie and refine from their. Just do it.

As a country, as a world, if we start making millions of movies with our very ideals then eventually the fog will clear and common themes will appear for our politicians to shoot for.

Well come! and Well met! 

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