Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Partners? Ferguson and Zimmerman?

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How are you? The Ferguson grand jury is presumably about to deliver a verdict so I thought I would pitch in on the system side as a blogger about systems. 

Where was Wilson's partner? Where is the media in investigating Wilson's lack of partner? Where is the debate on police forces allowing police to patrol without partners? Boycott sensationalism.

I remember watching the move "Do The Right Thing" in college. Sadly in this country the relationships between minority communities and law enforcement only seems to have gotten worse over the last two decades since that movie came out. Ferguson and Zimmerman are symptoms of a much larger problem that has existed a long time in this country. The Ferguson and Zimmerman case both fit into a single narrative. If one has strong feelings about a single national case then I would posit that right place to put that national energy is the root cause that has existed for decades. These killings will continue unabated until we fix the system.

Focus on system solutions.

I checked after Zimmerman killed Martin. I checked if partners were the standard for community patroling. I checked. Partners are required by  community patrolling protocols. Where was Zimmerman's partner and why was he allowed to patrol solo?

There was another minority police killing in St. Louis not two days after Ferguson, a suicide by cop. A black fellow charged a police car with a knife and was shot dead. Why was there no outrage? Partners. When the police showed up there were two of them as per partner protocol. The police officers followed additional protocol when they killed the man within 20 seconds of showing up on the scene. Now the debate is on the protocol, where it should be. Where it should be. Great Britain has no minorities being killed by the police because the police have no guns. We never debate that protocol in this country to our detriment. No matter how one feels about police officers having guns, we all should feel having such a debate would be healthy.

Improvement to systems and protocols of police and civil law enforcement is what we should be debating when failures of those systems occur repeatedly over decades at the national level. The sensational prosecution for dollars by our media is a travesty and something we as individuals can do something about by not participating in the sensationalism. We should demand an end to "trial by sensationalism" by not participating in it. Boycott sensationalism. Instead, we should demand a debate on fixing the root cause, a flawed system, by engaging in solutions with our media. Let's have a debate about system solutions. How utterly boring! Woot!

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