Monday, November 17, 2014

Seven Billion Cell Phones

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Did you know that there have been more cell phones manufactured than there a people alive on this planet? How many Earthlings have cell phones though?  Food? Water? Safety? We Earthlings have the technology to feed and provide shelter, housing, for everyone on this planet. Why don't we?

I've been struggling with this blog entry for a week. Then I realized this entire blog is about scale and I was trying to fit an entire blog in one post. Ha! I just need to make a single point for a day.

When the founders of the United States were writing about having a revolution it is important to understand that a.) the US did not exist yet, of course, and b.) who would've believed they could defeat the British Empire? They were, in a phrase, idealists. They did not believe that life, liberty and pursuit of happiness was just for America. They believed, as do I, that freedom is inherit in human nature, that tyranny is the enemy of us all and therefore it is the hope that Democracy or something better could ever be the birthright of all humanity.

The point I want to make here is that the blog title "World Scale" is made in that same spirit. The systems about to be put forth are intended to scale to seven billion people, the entire Earth population. Over the years the world has known seven billion cell phones. Technological capacity then is not the problem for scale, but rather human systems. As this blog rolls along I'm going to argue that every child and every person should have a computer tablet. Further that this tablet should be networked with a data center on the moon. A data center owned by everyone, a system completely in the public domain with all the intellectual property that we can legally muster. I am going to argue that in the information age information is every bit a birthright for all the same as education is perceived to be today.The only thing stopping is us is us. We need better systems of social groups to realize all human potential.

Cheers! Well come! and well met! 

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