Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Simulations: Political Solutions Kick Off Part 1

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

Lots of frustrating stuff in the news to feel oh so "oh, my gosh, where are the solutions at?" I got your solutions. I got them right here.

Role playing. How exciting is that, you get to play Dungeons and Dragons! Woot! What?

Simulation is training. People need to step it up a notch in being socially engaged. We can start with simulation. What we lack in a civil participation is training. We need to train people in how to participate in our civil society, albeit activism or community service.

Acting, n: 1. reel feelings in an artificial setting.

I learned that definition about acting from a actual acting class I took at Studio One in Santa Clara back in 1989. That definition also applies to role playing.

Role playing: 1. reel feelings in an artificial setting used for training purposes.

Role playing is about character development. It was a practice when D&D first came out to hand a 3x5 index card to the DM, Dungeon Master, with personal character objectives one wanted to work on. In my brother's case he didn't let me choose, he tortured me for years requiring me to play female characters to learn respect for the fairer sex. Eventually I improved. Ha!

For my own part I intend to start up role playing again. I'm also planning on trying remote role playing via video camera. If you are interested in learning how role playing works as a social training vehicle then feel free to drop me a note in the comments section. I'm going to form a new game soon.

Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. How do we trust new ideas like the percolation voting that I'm promoting without any evidence? The answer is experimentation starting with simulation. Let's use percolation voting in games. What better way to start experimenting then in simulations? Collect the data and then move into small real-world scenarios.Create virtual realities with innovations of society.

I like D&D, but D&D is just one role playing vehicle. The gaming possibilities are endless, including  real-world simulators like running a nuclear power plant with a group of people in virtual reality so as to better understand whats involved.

Imagine a world full of simulation training available for all walks of life from music to physics.What a wonderful training we all could engage in.

Our political problems are big today. But we cannot afford to take shortcuts. We cannot afford to experiment nationally. We need to start small. We need to start with simulation of innovation and branch out from there.

Please leave a comment in the comment section below if you are interested in engaging like Captain Picard! Engage! 

Well come! and Well met! 

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