Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Dilemma is Too Big To Revolt

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The Dilemma we face today is that of technology.

Technology has created a world where we are all connected and the word "border" is now meaningless in so many ways. We in the US spend money in Africa to stop Ebola. We do this because this is the most humane way to prevent deaths here and in Africa. Imagine if we were denied access to those countries in Africa to stop Ebola? More US citizens would die. What do borders really mean then?

The Dilemma we face today is that technology is required to sustain seven billion people and counting with a seventy-year lifespan. Food, water, air, medicine and even information are all required and are co-dependencies linking all of us together defying borders. Borders really do not mean much any more. We are literally spaceship Earth whether we admit it or not.

Wind-up radio. I remember a story from 1990s where research was conducted in Africa about the spread of AIDS. The study found that access to simple AM radio dramatically impacted the spread of AIDS.  Information saved lives. A British doctored invented a wind-up radio because the biggest obstacle to the use of AM radios was not handing out of cheap radios but the expensive, ongoing need for batteries. A British doctor invented a wind-up radio so the folks in Africa could have AM radios and today we now have emergency flash-lights that require no batteries. How many lives will be saved in an emergency with these flash lights?

The Dilemma we face today is that technology literally knows no borders. Just a few countries have GPS satellites in space and yet we all depend on them.

Too big to fail is a catch phrase we apply to the banks. Too big to revolt is the dilemma we face today in the USA. If the American civil war happened today then the effects would be felt world over. People would die around the world but not from bullets or bombs but technology interruption. No Google? No Android? No iPhone?No Twitter? No Facebook? No Internet?

Technological innovation brought about too big to fail banks and now too big to revolt countries. We 99%'ers in the US want some kind of revolution in our goverment but are powerless to do so knowing the impact. What to do?

We innovate. We need to break the mental chains of thinking in philosophy and ideology, of thinking in terms of democracy, socialism, communism and anarchy. We need to think innovation. We need to think of ideas as building blocks that work sometimes and not others, maybe today but not tomorrow. We need to quit thinking of labeling ideas before we try them. We need to think like engineers when it comes to politics. We need to innovate and think of ideas independently to overcome the dilemma of too big to revolt.

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