Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Right to Individual Currency Amendment

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Mmmm, I got something delicious for you today. Today's blog post provides a solution for all the evil corruption on Wall Street. That dance Wall Street does with Congress.

You ready?

Let's pass a constitutional amendment entitled "The Right To Individual Currency Amendment" as follows:

1. The right of an individual, local government or State government to originate currency shall not be abridged.
2. Taxes can only be levied on currency transactions by the issuer of the currency.
3. All currency owners have the right to tax their currency. 

Woot! Drain the swamp!

There is a mountain of musing to say on this topic and I will spare you all of it except the motivation. Perhaps in future blog posts we can explore the ramifications and justifications.

I do not believe in direct democracy as a scalable system for a list of reasons that will wear your ears down to a nub if all told.  But I do believe in indirect democracy. Voting for a representative is only just one way.  It is time to introduce another that is the right to currency.

A government is of the people, by the people and for the people. Does your representative know you? Or know any of the ten million people they represent? No.

They know your money though. That's what we need to use to get their attention.

The right to originate currency is of a time and place. This amendment is predicated on our existing in a time of cheap technology being plentiful today. Technology that allows everyone to have their own software bank.

The right to currency will break down our governments. New governments will start to form around the new currencies. As this happens then established governments will have to compete for your dollars. Representatives will have to actually start representing you.

The right to originate currency is of a time and place. No one is self-sufficient when it comes to food, water, health-care, transportation, communication or clothing. We all depend on each other. This co-dependency makes this amendment of currency possible. If this co-dependency did not exist then we all could abandon governments outright. But we can't, not if we want an iPhone. If we want the technology we so cherish today then we will need to engage our governments. So much so that the right to currency will, today, mostly chip away around the edges of our financial systems.

But make no mistake. Rich people scream much louder at the loss of a single penny than you are I. Draining the swamp by trading in individual currencies will bring about change, even if the drain is small like 10%.

The right to individual currency is an indirect franchise, an indirect vote for what our governments are doing. The more we don't like how our money is being spent then the more motivation we will have to build up extra-currency groups to do what we want. Eventually an equilibrium of individual currency and government currency entities will be reached.

Private currency now becomes a sister franchise to voting. We all need things from around the world and we will need to engage world currencies. But given the 10% approval rating of Congress today then I'm guessing if the right to currency were passed today then there would be a mass exodus from the government currency. Currency becomes another vote. Another franchise. Another system check, a populist system check, that is needed in a system where a single representative has a 90% incumbency rate and a 10% approval rate. Obviously voting as a check on our representatives has failed, completely. Time for a new check! Vote with your money! literally! Pass a right to currency amendment!

!!! WARNING !!!

Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. I have no evidence any of the claims about this proposal are valid. The amendment discussion above was provided solely for motivational purposes and the right to individual currency must be innovated gradually on a scale of small to big.

Well come! and Well met! 

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