Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Call to Action, Solutions

Hi! Happy Thursday!

Call to action! It is time to move beyond our collective lamenting the demise of democracy in this country and to promote solutions!

Call to action!

Below is a summary list of solutions we can do now to re-ignite a government of the people:

  1. Vote bank! No more election day! Bank votes! Increase voter participation using electronic ATMs of votes. 
  2. News Yelp! A news source review web site.  News sources and articles are peer-reviewed for journalistic objectivity standards. 
  3. Air! The augmented intelligence romantic software program! Air combines the best in artificial intelligence with a kick; the romance of a culture desired. Air represents our better angels interface on top of a world-wide public domain database. 
  4. Terran Sea Otter Academy [TSOA]! An Earth academy to collect all public domain data , especially in regards to human behavior. Manuals of child behavior! Now you will get a manual with your baby! No matter what your baby's age! TSOA also manages the implementation of Air, which presents the public domain data. 
  5. Data Center on the Moon [DCOM]! A public domain data center made available to everyone on the planet earth and hosting the data managed by the TSOA!
  6. Simulations! All advanced technical endeavors rely on simulation. We should do the same with politics. This simulation concept for people has a name: role playing. We should begin worldwide efforts to increase empathy and political process efficacy by role playing.
  7. Movies! We all make movies! Why? To define and describe the kind of world we want. How do our politicians know what kind of society we want if we do not tell them! We the people make movies en mass and then converge on a consensus of a society we want! Health care for all? Profit is the end game? What do we truly want on the aggregate? 
  8. Culture fun! Politics sucks. the. life. out. of. you. So, we need to make political systems cultural! Song, music, art and dance! Wrap our ideals and methods in new traditions and cultural trappings! Personally I'm thinking about starting a band, Distraction Destruction!
  9. Feedback Experiments! Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Social experiments cannot isolate the myriad of human variables. We must rely on experience feedback. Start with simulation, then groups of ten, groups of one-hundred and so on. Feedback of all the experiment data goes into the public domain curated by the TSOA! 
  10. Scale! We need to break scale together. If we in the US had one representative for every ten-thousand people then we would 30,000 representatives. Impossible you say! Impossible I say that today one representative represents ten-million people. We have no democracy. The fact is we are scale. It is time to admit it and quit pretending 535 people can manage 300,000,000. We have the technology to elect 30,000 reps. Let's do it! But wait! Only after have we run simulations and full experiments first! The claim that 30,000 reps work is made without evidence! Let us start a computer simulation (game) with millions of users and thousands of reps! 
  11.  VERY! Virtual environment, reality you! Imagine a world-wide virtual environment anyone can join as themselves to meet anyone else on the planet earth! What opportunity!
  12. Public Vote! Mitigate human nature's corruption nature. We do this by casting public votes that can be bought with money combined with only voting for who you know.  The Republicans are right if we give every a million dollars then a million dollars soon means nothing. Reset currency with paid voting. Let the Koch Brothers just give us all the money directly! Give every one a million dollars for their votes! The catch is you can only vote for people you know. The six-degrees of separation implies everyone can vote for anyone using only a pyramid of six-levels deep. Bribes to the person at the top of a pyramid need to be trickled down or risk losing the pyramid altogether. Votes are money!
  13. Right to mint currency! Revolution by guns is out. No one can afford destruction of the technology infrastructure in place today. Revolution by currency is in. Thus every individual is given the right to create and trade in a currency of their choosing outside of government taxing. Governments are only allowed to tax and conduct business in the government managed currency.
  14. Fantastic! The invention that we all must, must, must start every paragraph with a Whovian, "Fantastic!" Fantastic! 
These are just some of the solutions invented to address democracy's demise due to world scale. Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence! All the inventions above need to be vetted via feedback experiments and scaled properly.  Can we join together and embrace a hug of solutions?!?

Well come! and Well met!

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