Sunday, December 21, 2014


Hi! Happy Sunday!

Actions speak louder than words and this blog is not the end-game. The end-game is to scale politics using scalable processes. Blarney, what processes they be wee lad? Glad you asked, I have here me a roadmap with the words "now" on the bottom, "future" and the top and road going into the horizon of sun a shining.

Actions speak louder than words. <3 Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. <3 Social experiments have too many variables to control with high confidence root causes. <3 Put all these statements together and what do you get? 8> Experiments! Simulation! Messaging!

Action Plan/Roadmap
  1. Community. The GMU will bring online a cloud server with software dedicated to bringing together a scalable community.
  2. Air. I will begin work on the augmented intelligence romantic [Air]. Air is to be a front end for running simulations and managing data of social simulation experiments. 
  3. Youtube webcast. Bring up a Youtube webcast promoting the ideals of scalable politics. 
  4. Warren's Cube. A role playing world my brother and I ran for many a year. I will bring it out retirement as a teaching tool for role playing. People are not familiar with role playing and the notions of social simulation. The objective will be to have fun in a Lord of Rings type setting of classic AD&D and educate about the process of role playing and how to run social experiments. 
  5. Smuggle Verse. I'm working on this story to engage the following scale issues facing us today: nanobots, genetic engineering and mind-computer interface. 

Well come! and Well met!

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