Monday, December 15, 2014

Silicon Valley Reflection

 Happy Monday! 

Today is the anniversary of the passing of the Bill of Rights. A laudable document that has in the last fifteen years been reduced to simply something to be laudable but mostly just a piece of paper. What happened?

In silicon valley we have a saying: your success becomes your failure. When something goes viral then the start ups are ill-prepared for the traffic and the money coming in. They grow too soon too fast. Netscape is the original boom then bust start up. At one time Netscape was hiring 700 people per month. This country had fortitude and character during WWII so as a country to sacrifice during war. Fifty years later we get told to go shopping. This country became a world power financially and militarily too fast and too soon. It did not scale well at all. As a result we have extremely poor management in all levels of government and are tracking the same course as Netscape. We have fallen into the trap of absolute power corrupts absolutely and our government is in a trap it cannot escape by its own efforts.

The solution? 

Disruptive innovation.

Yes! We take a lesson from silicon valley and we disrupt political systems from the bottom up!  The vote bank! Individual currency! Let us dismantle the corruption like a frog boiling in a pot! A piece here, a piece there. Let's get it on! Hey, I think I just saw Barry White walk by! 

Well come! and Well met!

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