Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Scale Impact of Torture

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As the torture report comes out the question must be asked, whatever happened to our humanity? George Washington refused to torture captured spies and his situation during the revolution was far more precarious than ours is today. Washington stated openly he refused to be involved in a country that engaged in torture, anything evenly remotely approaching it. That was not the kind of country, the character of a country he was fighting for. He risked it all if one believes torture has efficacy. How callous is it that we only apply the cruel and unusual standard to our own citizens as if non-Americans are not humans.  How callous is it to redefine POWs to enemy combatants just to void law. We are suppose to be a "rule of law" nation when we treat law so frivolously? One thing I can say for sure is that the politicians in Washington will not be able to carry on responsibly asking the question, what happened to our humanity? If we want that discussion it will have to come from ourselves.


What character do we want as a nation? Any? What character do we believe the rest of the world has of us as we interfere internationally in some many countries? Do we care? Or is it okay with us to be  be just be seen like Russia and China are: as bullies.

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