Wednesday, December 24, 2014

We The People, When?

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We the people...when?

File this under yee ole addage, "whenever you point a finger blaming someone else you have four 316  million pointing back at you."

When are we going to be we the people and take responsibility? At some point we the people need to look at ourselves and say, uh, we are to blame.

The latest, but by no means the least, is a case of yelling fire in a crowded movie house.

What sparked this blog post was an article where FOX news affliate yelled "Fire!" in a crowded movie house.  FOX affliate is clearly guilty manipulating the news and lying. When I grew up I took a radio and communications class in high-school in the 1970s. I went on to acquire both my second and third class FCC licenses. At that time it was made clear that lying and manipulating the news was illegal and one could be fined and lose ones FCC licence.

As a side note, sadly, folks who think that the police cameras are going to solve anything are going to be disappointed if this FOX affiliate news story is any indication. FOX affiliate deliberately changed a video about police brutality protest to "kill a cop", a protest that happened just prior to the shooting of two NYC cops. If this is any indication of things to come regarding police cameras then the police will be doing the editing themselves. And who is going to investigate the police if they edit the video? And since there is this perceived notion that video doesn't lie?

As slimy as FOX news is I think collectively as a people we are responsible. FOX is just an end result of we the people not being vigilant guarding our freedom. We need to take the ultimate responsibility upon ourselves that we the people have allowed our news to be falsified and we the people accept it and have done nothing about it.

Lying and manipulating news is not acceptable. We need to reinstate the notion I was taught, that existed back in the 1970s, of second and third class FCC licenses being required for reporting news. That should include cable news.

I find it hard to believe that anyone in these United States wants news agencies editing video with impunity to falsify news and incite violence, which is what FOX news affliate did. But that is where we are at today unless we the people decide to stand up and do something about it.

Happily it should be easy for us to come together as we the people, as an entire country and agree that the news should not be falsified.

Well come! and Well met! 

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