Tuesday, January 13, 2015

1998 Media Solutions

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What is absolutely riveting about this 2 hour corporate media discussion  in 1998 is just how quaint it is. Today's total corporate take over the of media and subsequent complete loss of media credibility since the deregulation in 1996 by Bill Clinton makes this panel discussion seem silly.

The compelling reason for posting this on a blog specifically about solutions and not whining is that these folks suggest solutions throughout the two hours, especially Farai Chideya and Mark Crispin Miller. Well done. It is about the solutions. The state of affairs since then makes this post a cautionary tale about what we are up truly up against trying to change things.

We now live in an era where only a handful of corporations own most of the TV and radio stations these days.  This fact is reflected in our voided expectation of any media responsibility or objectivity. It is all opinion now. It is either Fox News on the right, MSNBC on the left or CNN for a complete ear bleed and inanity.

Finally, what is truly refreshing is that in 1998 Fox News was not the corporate punching bag, but rather Time Warner. It is so refreshing not to see Fox News getting beat up, at all. How I long for those days. This entire two hours does not contain one disparaging remark of Fox News. For that alone this video is a must watch. The integrity of the Time editor is so out-of-date, so adorable by any standard today that you want to hug him.  He seems  respectable yet at the time was 1998's "Fox News" corporate punching bag! Wow! Truly thought provoking stuff about how the state of media affairs has declined from then-to-today. If our corporate media today had any legitimacy maybe folks like Snowden wouldn't have to go to extreme, illegal measures just to be heard. All hail the corporate media masters! Woot!


Well come! and Well met!

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