Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Device of Life

Hi! Happy Donut Day!

Ok, it is just donut day because I take donuts to work on Wednesday. If you really want this to be donut day then you'll need to stop by where I work. Hmmmm, donuts!

I'd like to dedicate this post to Caroline Shaw across the pond, the lagoon, about twenty rivers, an isthmus and then again half-way round the world. Best wishes for a speedy recovery Caroline!  The future is coming!

Also, thanks to Markus Nilsson for pointing out a correction needed about the meaning of life and everything. The actual correct answer is 42. Of course.

And now...

Yesterday I posited a simplicity: choose and depend as the meaning of life. My recommendation to realize this was all seven billion people post their purpose on a web site and then we tabulate these and curate the dependencies to assess how we depend on each other.

You might have asked yourself, howse that work? Seven billion mission statements is a lot of mission statements. Madness! Glad you asked, allow me.

First though I need to point out something: my purpose and my expertise is pondering these issues. Yours ain't. Just like you trust a doctor with patching you up then you need to trust the professional scaler.  I do need you to read this though as it is critical that everyone understands at the day-to-day level the social group systems. I'm proposing something and trying to sell it. I'm trying to motivate change. That's what I'm putting to paper here.

The Device of Life, aka The Vote Bank, is just one of twenty big fancy pants ideas that form the pillars of a proposal to scale social groups planet-wide going forward. Other big fancy pants ideas include the right to individual currency (print your own money), The Data Center on the Moon, the right of importance, The Terran Sea Otter Academy, the Universal schema and so on. The point is that all government and social systems today are archaic and pre-date the Internet. Let's just get rid of them. The Device of Life is part of a social system that depends on the Internet and brings social groups into the 21st century. But wait! There's more! Not only does the Irreni World Scale plan depend on the Internet but it also depends on the Data Center on The Moon. A technology we have yet to build. And that, my friends, is where our thinking needs to be. We need to be forward thinking not archaic anchored in our social groups. We need to just skip over pre-Internet ideas as if they never existed and propose anew. There is no reason to talk about things like capitalism, democracy and republic as if they are relevant. Done and done.

The Device of Life.

The Device of Life [DOL] is a handheld computer, a tablet, and everyone gets one. This is not an unreasonable request. As of today we humans have already built and discarded over seven billion cell phones; more than there are people on this planet. What I'm calling for has already been accomplished. What I'm calling for is a DOL for every person from birth. The DOL gives everyone access for their entire lifespan the totality of all human knowledge. BOOM! Let's do it! How exciting! This concept aligns with one of the new twenty pillars I'm calling for; information is a right. We all understand a right to education. Now we need to understand a basic right to information. The DOL does this...but not ONLY this. The plot thickens.

For the record, the DOL is not implemented or controlled by any corporation or government. The DOL is maintained by The Terran Sea Otter Academy [TSOA]. What is the TSOA? The TSOA is a university responsible for managing the library of all public human knowledge. All public domain knowledge is curated in a massive database using The Universal Schema. The data is housed on the Data Center on the Moon [DCOTM]. The DCOTM, the entire moon?, is declared public property owned by all living humans forever more. The DCOTM is to be the home of all public domain knowledge and kept well out of reach of all intellectual property owners. For the record I only bring this paragraph to your attention as a hint to the massive scale required to pull this off. And the plan is already made. How sweet is that!

The Device of Life serves multiple purposes. The DOL is also a Vote Bank. Think of a Vote Bank as an ATM of votes, a bank account for votes and not money. We no longer cast votes but deposit them.  They are on deposit twenty-four hours a day. Your vote is always in place. The DOL is the interface to the Vote Bank. The Vote Bank, btw, uses a massively scaled voting system where you only vote for people you know. Hold up, I'm going off on a tangent. Back to the DOL.

The Device of Life is also a vote bank. That vote bank contains one very special vote, your mission statement. The purpose in life you choose. For the sake of argument let's posit purpose statements are limited in size, just like with Twitter messages. A purpose statement in life is limited to oh, say, one-thousand characters.

Your purpose in life lives on the DOL and is permanently publicly available. The DOL is networked to the Universal Schema sitting on the Data Center on the Moon and all of humanity's votes for their life's purpose are cast and tallied by the TSOA.

So now what? All this technology still does not answer the fundamental question: how to make sense of seven billion mission statements?

The answer is your purpose is not meaningful at the seven billion people level, nobody's is. Not directly.

Directly your mission statement is applicable to your immediate community. You are part of a village, a family, a workplace, or some local community that numbers in 3-30 people in count. Your mission statement is immediately relevant to your local community. They must promote it and act on it. That is who your mission statement directly impacts.

Then what? Think about it. Small groups become larger groups by the small groups themselves joining as groups of groups. Representation from each group of groups represents 3-30 small groups. Keep scaling the concept of groups of groups until finally all seven billion people have been accounted for. Each group-of-groups curates a single purpose statement for the group-of--groups derived from the individual statements therein. This single mission statement reflects the 3-30 mission statements of the group. Finally, the group-of-group-of-group-of-groups encompasses seven-billion people. End of government. End of corporations. We become purposed groups that interconnect at all levels.

If mission statements are rolled up using groups-of-groups then why bother with one web site of all seven billion statements? Because every life matters. This is the indirect value of the statement. Think of it like the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. where every name of every solider killed is inscribed on a wall. The mission statements of all the living people on Earth are all collected on one web site. Beautiful. All lives matter. All lives are important.

How often can you change your purpose statement? Is it a one time only affair?

You can change your purpose daily, hourly or by the second. The thing is though is that if people are going to commit time and resources to you and based upon your purpose in life you need to commit to your purpose as well. Whimsically changing that purpose does not reflect mutual commitment and dependency on others.

Should mission statements just be about life's passion? Should our life's purpose ever be practical? Practical is fine. Some people may not have any passionate pursuit or maybe their community can't afford that opportunity. Not all of us can be astronauts. ha! The objective of our new planet-wide social groups of life, I believe, should be to afford everyone the maximum opportunity to pursue their passion, but practical purposes are okay.

Let's talk about life-boat ethics for a moment so as to demonstrate the superior morality of this new system to any that have come before it.

Imagine, if you will, a comet is about to slam into Earth in the next month. A true doomsday event. Projections indicate about half of the entire human population will be exterminated. What to do?

Currently the President of the United States, leaders of the world, make the life-and-death decisions in a vacuum. That is morally short-sighted. The DOL and the vote bank, on the other hand, scales morality.

Imagine a scenario where what I'm proposing is already in place. Everyone has a DOL and can use it. Further assume we all know this comet is coming and half of us are going to die. We can all then update our purpose statements and deposit new votes in the vote bank in real time and make a collective moral decision on how to handle the death of half the world's people together. The decision is no longer on any one single persons shoulders. Together we stand, together we fall.

To conclude, the web site of seven billion mission statements is an indirect use of mission statements. It is a piece of art reflecting all of humanity. Our mission statements are directly used by our immediate community and then these statements are used to derive group-of-group statements.

And there you have it. How to manage seven billion mission statements.


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met! 

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