Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Meaning of Life

Hi! Happy Tuesday!

The Meaning of Life:
  1. Choose a purpose.
  2. Depend on each other.

That's it.

How long would it take for you, by yourself, personally to build a modern anything? A car? A house? A lamp? Or even just the fabric in your clothes?

There is no need for elaborate discussions regarding the meaning of life. None. Religion, voluminous philosophy books and the centuries of vocabulary galore are all unnecessary. For it is written in our mind that we know these two principles to be true. These truths are self evident.

So why have we? Why have we invented religion? invented sophistications? invented books of such monstrous complexity about human nature and the meaning of life. A sophistication such that even the most brilliant among us are hard pressed to grasp the intricacies, not to mention the motivation? What is it about life that drives us mad, drunk with passion to find complex patterns of meanings in life?

Quite simple, really. We superimpose what we see as the utmost importance of our existence onto the explanation of it. I, however, do not. That is my gift. I was born into it. I do not use the wafting, oh-so-yummy bacon smell of my ego all wafting through the kitchen air on a sunny morning to so seduce an explanation. I would never convolute sentences with bacon! :-) Oh no! My friend Mark once put it this way, give a PhD a problem and you will get a PhD solution.  Me? I do simple.

Why do I bring this up? Good question. Because it speaks to my earnestness as my calling when it comes to scale. Something is lacking today: correct simplicity. All solutions that scale start with with the right simplifying assumptions. Make something as simple as possible, but no simpler, is something Einstein once said. That is what I'm like.

Scaling the world to eight billion people does not start with the US Constitution, the Bible or UN charter on human rights. No. It starts at the beginning: choose and depend.

We, you and I together, need to specify why we each individually choose to live and then...again...how we ferociously and with much gusto come together to depend on each other and grab life by the horns! Horns? That sounds very dangerous to me. Hmmmm. I never intuited that horn expression. What? Anyway...

Literally. I mean quite literally. We need to start a web site where all seven billion people can write their individual mission statements. And then, as seven billion statements are being correlated and cross-tabulated, and then we write our mutual assurances of dependency. What we create then is one ongoing, real-time, always-updating feedback loop that we build from. Static words will never do. Static words in a constitution or book will never do when it comes to meaning. People are born and die every day. A constantly updating meaning provides us with relevant individual and mutual purposes that reflect us all living now. Our purposes alone and mutual are correlated together!

And that, my friends, brothers and sisters, is how we scale a planet from the right simplicity: choose and depend.

And on a personal purpose note: Earth. It is my wish that we all decide just one of our collective purposes is to be stewards of this here spaceship planet Earth. Let this purpose define binding reasons to need each other so much...so much as to transcend violence amongst each and every one of us.  I hope the purpose of Earth's stewardship becomes a collective poetry in motion. Make it so! Let that be a start to our common togetherness and mutually affirmed morality to bolster the importance of all humanity acting together to party on! this great planet!. A toast! To us! and to us happy'ing on this great spaceship planet Earth! Let the festivities begin!

So, my purpose in life is programming computers and humanity so as to be part of a planet-wide common humanity stewarding spaceship Earth that is filled with maximum opportunity for each and every one of us and to do this using ever expanding cycles of technology that increase opportunity for all people and also ever expanding diversity of all life on spaceship Earth. 


Well come! and Well met!

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