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Violence Escalates Violence

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I saw this story on Fox News today.

I invite you to read the comments of the above Facebook post. Reading the comments is wholly depressing. People cheering and celebrating death. Fox News and their followers. Ugh and Ugly.

There is an expression in the humanist community:
If you need religion to keep you from murdering and stealing then you don't have a problem with people not of your religion, but you have a problem with your empathy being missing.
There are two aspects of the above pharmacist killing the robber that will illustrate the pharmacist's evil:
  1. 1% of armed robberies end in death and 3% end in serious injury. 
  2. M.A.D., or mutually assured destruction.  


Evil One: 

A human life is worth more than property.

My morality is such that if a drug addict or other burglar broke into my home with me at home then morally that the burglar's life is worth more than whatever property is stolen. I'd tell the burglar to take what he wanted. I'm insured and I'd tell him that.  I'm funny that way, valuing life over property. But it is not just that. I've studied crime statistics. Only 1% of armed robberies end with death of the victim. Okay, 1% is 1% but the burglar's life is worth the risk in my moral spectrum. I accept the risk of death when I drive my car. If I were robbed at gunpoint I'd accept the risk of death.  I consider those who carry out death sentences for robbing property immoral and evil for placing property value above human life value. That robber the pharmacist killed was there to score drugs. If the pharmacist had given the kid the drugs then no one had to die.


Evil Two:

Escalating violence.
There are more guns in America than there are people. If guns deterred violence then America should be the safest country bar none. We are not. We are one of the most dangerous countries to live in when it comes to crime.

The above two links show the statistics where Japan has no guns and ranks one of lowest on the armed robbery and murder charts per capita within the world. America is nowhere near the bottom. What's going on? Those of us who do not buy lottery tickets often joke that lottery tickets are for people who can't do math. We should include guns in that notion. Guns and lottery tickets are for people who can't do math. Oh and we should include vaccines too. Guns, lottery tickets and not getting vaccinated are for people who can't do math.

There has been a lot of education recently with vaccines and human herd morality, that for the benefit of the herd people need to get vaccinated. If you do not vaccinate the risk is not just to yourself but the entire herd. The same can be said about guns and violence.

How does violence really work? Violence does not deter violence, violence escalates violence. There is no evidence that killing robbers deter robbing. If killing deterred crime then gang neighborhoods should be the safest in the country. Gang neighborhoods are the worst. Robbery and murder are highest in gang neighborhoods in this country. People are packing exposed, not concealed, and gang members killing gang members does not deter crime. Violence escalates the violence threat. Our government has a word for this, MAD.

The evil, immoral act done by the pharmacist killing the robber is that he just placed every pharmacist in the future who gets robbed at greater risk of getting shot pre-emptively. 

Human nature is such that the Hobbesian Trap is our nature. The Hobbesian trap points out the escalation nature of violence.

When I lived in Oakland I saw this first-hand. In the gang communities where everyone is packing and ready to shoot then the pre-emptive strikes escalate. Drive-by shootings are common. Children are getting regularly shot through walls and killed in gang communities due to drive-by-shootings. Why put your own life at risk when a risk-free one exists: pre-emptive strike. This is the Hobbesian Trap the conceal carry folks are falling into. The concealed carry weapon people are insane. The entire history of human nature is that of violence escalates with humans. The current correlation of lower crime rates in concealed carry weapon states defies human nature and therefore cannot be causation when one considers all of human history, our American gangs and human nature.

So the pharmacist killing the robber, those advocating concealed carry, are doing harm to the herd. By escalating violence robbers are going to be more trigger happy and eventually resort to pre-emptive violence. The false notion that armed robbery goes down due to killing robbers can be seen first-hand by simply considering any gang community. Criminals thrive on violence, against each other and against us non-criminals. 

Violence escalates violence. Jesus said something similar in The Bible. The irony of Jesus getting this right is that for all the things that Jesus said that were wrong about human nature,  Jesus gets this violence notion right.  Yet his followers don't get it, don't get the lesson that violence escalates violence and that is our human nature.
  1. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.
  2. Don't fight at all, pre-emptively strike.
The pharmacist put the herd at greater risk when there was only a 1% chance he was going to die. This is no different than the folks who do not vaccinate. The pharmacist valued his property over the life of robber when he killed a robber looking to steal drugs. If the robber were looking to kill he would have pre-emptively started shooting.

Charles Dickens wrote, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." People who advocate killing for robbery have no herd awareness and the greater risk they are putting the herd at. Escalating violence is a friend of the criminal, not the non-criminal. Escalating violence with concealed carry and soon the criminals will shoot first and not ask, car-jackers will not ask you to get out of the car when they car-jack you they will just shoot you in the head and take your car. If you do not believe this is possible realize that kids and babies are being killed in drive by shootings. That is the nature of escalation.


How to scale violence? Should we ban guns?

I consider the answer to this the same answer as for religion itself. Should we ban religion?

No and no. We need to educate people. People need to understand, buy into , take ownership personally and emotionally relate to abandoning violence and religion. Abandoning drugs. Secularism is the key. People should have the right to practice their religion and their guns...and drugs.

You cannot legislate away religion, guns or drugs. You can educate. That is my purpose here in this blog post, to educate a greater morality calling the pharmacist evil for killing the robber. The scale solution, the scale position is that people need freedom to come to grips with these important aspects of human nature...religion, violence and guns...on their own terms. This is not the same as with vaccines. Disease can kill millions of people quickly, much faster and with greater ferocity than religion, guns or drugs. We can't afford the personal liberty and freedom to allow people to choose to vaccinate. 

So now we know how to implement what Charles Dickens said where the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.  Educate not legislate. We should favor towards the side of individual liberty and freedom; educate moral lessons where time permits. Educate people about the nature of violence, religion and drugs. Where mental health problems exist we help and legislate that.  This means educating people on a day-by-day, case-by-case basis. Understanding people's mental health.  Only in extreme cases as with diseases and vaccines should we ever sacrifice personal liberty.

Finally, it is true that accepting risks associated with guns, drugs and religion is an evil unto itself, causing great harm possibly mitigated by legislation. However, if one believes that power and control of the people should be by the people,of the people and for the people and not a government or other specialized social group then this sacrifice of risk must be.  As Thomas Jefferson said, the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. This eternal vigilance is constant people education of the best sort, the highest moral standards in such away that people willingly support the needs of the many balanced with the needs of the one given the resources of a any particular time. This is an every changing morality relative to population size, population traits and Earthy resources.


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!

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