Friday, February 13, 2015

Year One Party On!

Hi! Happy Friday!

I know it is. Zappy Friday!

Scale freaks people out. Then again starting over anew completely and re-inventing all social groups does too. My last couple of posts have advocated wiping the social group slate clean and starting from scratch.

How could we possibly do that? You ask? You squeak! Easy. Scale is easy, btw. Once you get in the groove. Here a couple of scale principles to memorize:
  1. Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. 
  2. Extraoridinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 
Any new social group being promoted needs to have evidence of its efficacy given the claims. Since all new social groups have no evidence then what to do? This is easy part. You get some evidence. How? Experiments.

That's right, we experiment and collect the data and then as the new social groups start to pan out based on real evidence of working we keep building.

Easy. That was easy.

Where to begin! First, let us rejoice in our commitment to disengage from what's anchoring us in the ancient by declaring year one. Year one, Party on!

We start by having a big celebration! We reset all the clocks to year one and go to a universal 24 hour clock. This will take a couple of years to implement. During that time we celebrate what we are letting go of, the past. We acknowledge that all the social groupings previously were our first worst attempts and are now committing anew! Celebrate! Imagine: the year is set to year one! The whole world participates in the discussion as to why? Why? Why! Because we have a new mandate to experiment with all new social groups that drop the past and never look back.

How exciting is that! And if we really want to get crazy we start the first year as year zero!

Second, we start making movies, writing books, creating dances and culturally promote our new proposed social groups! Use the power of television and movies to sell our ideas! Everyone becomes an actor! Woo hoo! 

In conclusion, the way to scale wholesale social group reboot is to declare the commitment, sell the ideas and then experiment on the ideas sold to gather the evidence to back to the claims. All failures are success are finally recorded for posterity.   Easy peasy !


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!

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