Sunday, March 15, 2015


Hi! Happy Sunday!

The future is coming!

What does that even mean? ha! As a futurist I've been blogging my ideas for awhile now. My blog here is mostly of a personal nature. And by personal nature I mean that these are mostly notes to myself. A journal of sorts. The blog posts are not intended so much as a vehicle of persuasion. There is no story telling per se. These blog posts have no motivation to connect the dots that good writing of complicated ideas should have. I know this. Today, I'm going to add a little motivation.

I was going to entitle this post "Personal Power" as it is a follow on to my previous post, Sharing Power.

However, as I was driving down to Menlo Park this morning to have a breakfast I came up with a some motivation and renamed this blog post "Hope".

The future of thinking in world scale is coming.

Food and water are a problem on a world scale. There are 7 billion people on this planet today and predictions are for 10 billion people by 2025 or some such. Food and water are a problem today and are going to be an even bigger problem tomorrow. As a result of food and water shortages then land usage inefficiency in growing food is a life-or-death problem. There have been predictions made recently and even efforts today undertaken to move towards world-wide vegetarian diets for food efficiency reasons and not because of an animal cruelty agenda. We have a serious human problem. Growing animals as food is very inefficient. This is a world scale solution to a world scale problem that we as Americans and Earthlings are not willing to collectively admit...yet.

The future is coming. 

Climate change, food and water are issues being discussed in the public media today as a world scale problem needing world-wide solutions. The objective of Irrenni World Scale is not to address the physical nature of world scale but the political nature of world scale. The tag line, "The future is coming", is meant to mean the future of thinking in world scale is coming. We are not there yet. We are knocking on the World Scale door with heavy climate change hands.

The future of thinking in world scale is coming and everyone one of us have new personal power roles to play. One import personal power role initially is for us to simply acknowledge world scale agendas like climate change and to rally around these agendas. Nationalism is dead. We have entered not only the information age but the world scale age. What happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas.

The future is coming.

Motivation. Nine-to-five is going to die.  I was driving to Menlo Park this morning luxuriating in a soon to be extinct experience: light Sunday traffic.

Before I get into why nine-to-five is going to die, soon, I'd like to point out that predicting the future as sci-fi writers and futurists such as myself embark in is not a practice of magic or prophecy, but instead is is simply extrapolation: understanding human nature and nature. The best example of this I've read was a sci-fi book where one of the characters was a futurist. The futurist was traveling in space with a young student. The futurist and his young student detected two alien ships off in a distance from their spaceship. After a scan of the two ships the futurist was able to state that the two ships were not only of different planets but of different times. The young student was curious as to how the futurist could know this from just scanning the ship exteriors? The answer was technological complexity and design. Just as our cars have evolved to be more aerodynamic and so look similar to be efficient then so will spaceships. Technological complexity  is directly proportional to efficiency. An aerodynamic car cannot be designed without a solid understanding of aerodynamics. Our first automobiles were not aerodynamic. This concept applies to spaceships and the idea behind technological complexity is that the design for the most efficient spaceship will converge to set of natural characteristics independent of time, place or planet of origin.

 Motivation. Nine-to-five is going to die. The notion that a nine-to-five work day is going to die is not much of a reach. That is why I'm labeling this blog post "hope" and using this idea as motivation. The efficiency of energy use greatly impacts climate change. Imagine if traffic were spread evenly 24 hours-per-day, 7 days-per-week? If cars use less gas in less traffic then the a 24 hour business cycle has less impact on climate change. Everyone has the personal power today to rally behind this world scale efficiency solution. The solution is to use taxes to incentivise business hours to a 24-hour rotation. Easy peasy. Further, we can do away with time zones and move towards a universal clock.

Doing away with nine-to-five is just common sense. Oh there will be challenges such as humans thrive on a circadian, sunrise-to-sunset cycle. So scientific studies will need to be done into sleep patterns so as to truly come to a 24-hour cycle. Perhaps all that is needed is something as simple as artificial sunlight and ambient birds chirping. Ha!

Hope. The hope for the world is tackling problems with a world scale perspective. That hope is on us. Our personal power is to acknowledge world scale problems such as with climate change, food and water. As we open the door to world scale problems and solutions we open the door to world scale social groups and that is where Irreni comes to party! 


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!


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