Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Hi! Happy Tuesday!

The human race is over!

We won! Woot! Celebrate!

Woo hooo!

Let me explain. For most of human history...nay most of human existence...we humans have scratched and clawed every single day just to survive. A race to survive. Because of this race then any and all means necessary could justified, up to and including war and genocide.

Then something happened. Technology. Technology happened. Technology allowed us to farm and feed and since then we've been on a slow technological pace of winning the human race. Until? We won! We invented the atomic bomb! Boom! The atomic bomb meant game for the over arms race!  Literally. If any country invades these United States of America they have a big kablooey surprise waiting for them. After the advent of farming the human race converged on an arms race until the atomic bomb was the end of the line. Any weapon more destructive than an atomic bomb would also destroy whomever used the weapon thus rendering that more powerful weapon useless.

Kindness. I will connect the dots from human race to kindness in just a few more sentences. 

The United Nations released a report after the advent of the atomic bomb and guess what? Ninety-percent of wars since 1950 have been civil wars. Just civil wars. Flash forward to 2011 and Steven Pinker publishes a book entitled, "Our Better Angels", where Steven Pinker has a compiled an overwhelming set of statistics that supports a stunning fact that human violence is on a huge, huge decline. Huge decline. I invite you to read the book if you need to convince yourself. Violence is on a huge decline. Forget the blood and gore TV is showing you, that has nothing to do with statistics.

So what does this have to do with kindness? Well, it has to do with the fact that we are no longer in a food survival race and no longer in an arms survival race. The human race is over, we won. Now we are transitioning into a new era of quality of life. Quality of life is now the purpose of life and not survival.

That is such a huge statement it bears repeating. The human race is over, we won, and the next stage of human purpose is quality of life. And hence kindness.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said something to the effect that, "the state of technological advancement today is such that we have guided missiles and misguided men."

Have you ever asked yourself if perhaps we should slow down, even for just a mere moment this whirlwind torrent of technological advancement pace we are on? Should we take a pause just to collect our breathe?

Well, should we? The answer to this question cannot come from science because there are too many unknowns. The answer is a case of us asking ourselves what do we want?

Science and technology have given us so many unprecedented levels of quality of life never before imagined by humans it is hard to imagine any case can be made in slowing technology down? Education is something most humans never contemplated until recently and now public education is a norm such that we can truly appreciate what we have, who we are, what nature is and our place in it.


So with all that now I would like to offer you an answer to the question regarding technological pace.

You ready? The answer is not directly, but indirectly by targeting a quality of life that targets kindness. There it is. Kindness.

No more mean leaders. Period. That's it, no more nasty leaders.

Kindness is so, so, so important to me. How important? You ever notice how as you look up the management food chain in a corporation you start to see nothing by assholes? Pricks? Mean people? Mean people suck.  Executives are dicks. Jerks of the highest order imaginable.  I guarantee you if you walk into the boardroom meeting of any Fortune 500 company you are then walking into a room of very, very mean people. Nasty.

Why is that? You ever wonder? I have the answer for you. The answer is pretty easy actually.

Human nature. People, us, for whatever reason gravitate towards assholes for leaders. Meh. In my industry of computers all of them, all of them, are grade A jerks. From Larry Ellison to Bill Gates. From Steve Jobs to Scott McNeally. From Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg. Grade A assholes you never, ever want to invite into your home if you care about kindness.

It is human nature that we like and trust assholes for leaders. No doubt about it. Not me. Like I said, I'm big on kindness. Many people with my abilities get college degrees in part to start a profession but also in part to make money. Me? I wanted a profession but I promised myself I would never, ever work for an asshole ever again. Not ever. Quality of life of every moment is more important to me than chasing money. I will not suffer an asshole for a dollar.

So I became a contractor. I promised myself that I will always be a leaf node on an org chart. To be sure I live in the real world. Since I have graduated from college I've had to deal with my share of jerks, but only tangentially. If my direct boss to whom I report as a contractor ever changes to someone who is an asshole that doesn't support me, well, I just don't renew my contract. Everyone is happy, done and done.

We should not directly dampen the pace of technological advancement per se, but indirectly. We should recognize that the human race is over and we are now pursuing the quality of life and that means we can choose to commit to no more mean people leading us. We can afford it. The quality of life means we can now afford to overlook, bypass and ignore leaders who are not kind. Do not suffer an asshole for a boss ever again: no matter how smart, how talented or how special. Not ever. Do not suffer a mean person to hold you hostage no matter how much talent they have. We have no motive to do so.

We have enough technology today to lead by kind leaders and forgo our human nature to promote jerks, or even be captive by them when they are not leaders. Oh sure it will be a challenge to pull this off. It won't come natural. We'll have to constantly remind ourselves to never put assholes in positions of leadership or critical need. But it will be worth our quality of life.

And here's the thing. You know those assholes? Once they know they have to meet a new kindness standard to advance in life then most of them will meet the kindness standard unless their genetics are such that their personality is immutable.

Irreni World Scale is built on promoting quality of life and not a human race. The six-degrees of separation voting, aka vote-for-who-know, enables voting only for kind people. Vote for your kind friend and kind neighbor. If we all did that then the mean people do not stand a chance.

Kindness. Irreni World Scale is built upon a new foundation for a new building of human endeavor; a building promoting quality of life. Let us commit ourselves to this foundation together by committing to never again to allow assholes to lead us. Promote kindness. Fuck the assholes. *~wink*~


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!

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