Sunday, March 15, 2015

Personal Power

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I just posted about hope. That we can all exercise personal power by acknowledging and rallying around world scale agendas such as climate change, food and water.

In many of my previous posts I've blogged about personal power but did not call things out as such. For example, the vote bank and voting only for who you know are two personal power changes for the information age. I've also written about making bribery legal and part of the voting process. These ideas are far fetched and probably more confusing than enlightening on their face.

This post starts at the beginning of personal power: distribute or centralize. I will not end up at a conclusion resulting in explaining the vote bank, six-degree voting and legal bribery; but the arguments here will motivate closer to understanding the reasoning behind those notions.

In the beginning.

In the beginning there is power. How do we distribute this power? Power in success is distributed on three axis: belief, will and capability. Power in failure converges on corruption. To the extent that any human power system maintains a distribution based upon desired beliefs, collective will and optimal capability all in the face of our nature of corruption will determine the success of that power. Success is defined loosely here to mean life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. Failure means tyranny.

The US started a new paradigm of belief, will and capability as a human power system. The Constitution provided the belief, our will to support that Constitution or collective will and our representatives our capability.

Things have changed.

Slavery, the genocide of Native Americans and many other tragedies and travesties of the US expose the fact that American Democracy is not ideal or even close. American Democracy was, however, an improvement on monarchy, centralized power, despotism and corruption.

In conclusion

In conclusion the American system of Democracy has devolved to that which it rebelled against: centralized power resulting in despotism and corruption.  The only two differences: one difference is what remains of past ideals such as free speech and right-to-bare arms and the second difference is the number of people in the central circle of power is greatly enlarged over that of a monarchy.

What next?

American Democracy is dead. Corruption has rotted Washington DC to its very core and tyranny is on our doorstep. We are all being spied upon and there is an army of 630,000 police officers in this country. Here is an interesting homework assignment for you: this country has 630,000 police officers, identify how many countries have a standing military larger than our collective US police force?

What next?

Power can either be centralized or it can be distributed.  When distributed then that means there are more people wielding power. The conclusion then is that we the people must be willing to take on wielding more power or forever be resigned to the tyranny of centralized despotism.

Guess what that means? We gotta give up doing nothing and thinking it is something.  We gotta give up political media addiction. As an atheist there is a meme in atheist circles that if you want to fool yourself that you are doing something then pray. Prayer is defined to be doing nothing but convincing yourself you are doing something. Prayer is not the only popular fakery of doing nothing, however:  so is reading political media.

We as Americans and around the world have convinced ourselves that by consuming political media we are doing something. We are not. Reading a political opinion that supports your desired beliefs and undermines some supposed opposition is not doing anything. At all.

We as a Americans are going to have to break our addiction to political opinion as doing action. We have no choice. Think about the three axis of power: belief, will and capability. The Constitution is too naive and no longer stands up as our collective 400 million people, nuanced belief and so is not our collective will. Our representatives are totally laughable as capable. You and I could make far better decisions than our jack asses in Congress. Anyone could argue that the capability of our representatives today is not even in the top half of educated Americans capable of running government. The people in Washington DC are contemptibly incompetent.

As a result of power failure then corruption has taken hold as it always does. The US is dying inside.

Stepping up

Moving on is a common meme these days. A web site and social group formed after Bill Clinton's indiscretions and is still around today.  But we don't need to move on. We need to step up. We need to come to grips that we need to actually wield personal power and that being political news junkies is not doing it.

We have a choice. We either resolve to act or we resign to tyranny. And to start we must admit our common power failure in that the belief, will and capability of our US power system as was initiated in 1776 has rotted away and is no longer in play. It is time to step up and take responsibility for what has failed and build anew. Together. The belief and will to start up successful power that scales must come from the 400 million folks in it or it will not come at all. That means you.


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!

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