Monday, March 16, 2015

Self Leadership

Hi! Happy Monday!

How ya' doin'?

Today? Self leadership!

What is self leadership? Well, glad you asked!

You have a choice.

Either the government forces you to do something or you do it on your own terms.

And here's the kicker. If the government forces you to do something then you are going to resent that government. Not like that government. Bad government, bad. No one likes to be controlled. Not Democrat. Not Republican. Not no one.

Let's do a compare and contrast: recycling vs. CFLs, compact florescent light bulbs.

So be honest here. Of the two choices being recycling and CFLs, which went down better: the recycling programs that were rolled out gradually over time with financial incentive for returning things or being told to adopt CFLs?

There is no Federal program today mandating recycling. Yet recycling is everywhere.

We are faced with a onslaught of efficiency choices with climate change. The question is will we do so with self-leadership or are we going to wait for the government to force us?

Yesterday I blogged about choices. Food inefficiency of eating meat means less food for a future 10 billion people. Here's a thought, we could all gradually start start incorporating tofu turkey into our diets, slowly over years, or we can wait until the government rations or cuts us off completely. One of these scenarios we can convince ourselves what we are doing is our choice and maybe go down easier.

Self leadership.

Yesterday I blogged that the first couple of steps to personal power is a.) admit world scale problems exist as world scale problems and b.) rally for world scale solutions. Well now there is a third step, a c.), self leadership. Get together with your family and friends and voluntarily gradually go vegetarian. Do world scale changes on your own terms, with your family creating new holiday traditions and food experiences in a positive fashion. You'll feel world scale good and family good. Good!

Self leadership.


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!


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