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Sharing Power

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Experimentation Required

Just a reminder that claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Lately I've been posting some fairly sophisticated empathy social group ideas. One of the many pillars of Irreni is the call for experimentation. As the future models for scaling social groups come online in the information age then empathetically it is important not to just adopt change en mass without starting at the small group level. Even if by chance such large implementations succeed at any level. like say going straight from a few policemen wearing body cameras to all 630,000 police officers wearing body cameras, the efficacy of these programs will be much higher going through rigorous rounds of proving experiments with groups of all sizes.

We need to sell our new social ideas and get buy in  of the people, by the people and for the people. We should refrain from rolling out large scale initiatives such as with Obamacare without first doing the hard work of experimenting at all levels of groups in between small and large.

Irreni is calling for role playing and the arts to fulfil the marketing aspects of buy-in for social group changes. Music, movies, dance and art of all kind should be used to express our social desires. The future is coming and this future of new social groups should be what we expressly want, and not implemented as mandates. Yes it should.

Sharing Power

Mybrid's observations of sharing power:

  1. Concentrated power is the only human model as of 2015. 
  2. Sharing power among us runs counter to human nature as human history has shown. 
  3. Sharing power is weird. Sharing even more power will feel even more weird. 
  4. Sharing power takes work on everyone's part. 
  5. Most humans avoid power, see all of the above. History has shown people will not rise up en mass and overthrow  despots, tyranny and oppression. Today Americans feel impotent to do anything at all to change what everyone knows is broken.
  6. Voting is our first, worst attempt at sharing power. Voting is the weakest, laziest, and least effective way of sharing power. Voting is to sharing power as religion is to managing human nature; they both represent humankind's first worst attempts. Time to get into the 21st century.


    "There is something exceedingly ridiculous in the composition of concentrated power in Washington D.C.; it first excludes a congress person from the means of empathy, yet empowers a congress person to act in cases where the highest judgment of empathy is required. The state of Washington D.C. shuts them from the world, yet the business of a Washington D.C. requires them to know empathy thoroughly; wherefore the different parts, by unnaturally opposing and destroying each other, prove the whole character to be absurd and useless." - Thomas Paine

    Here is some homework for you. Take the writings of Thomas Paine, say "Common Sense", and substitute the words  'king' and 'monarchy' with 'Washington DC' as I just did above. Convince yourself the US has come full circle and is the same predicament as it was in 1776. It is time for a government overhaul. Voting has run its course and it is time to distribute power with technology.

    Paine's observations of the ridiculous nature of concentrated power as seen through the through the lens of monarchy applies today to Washington D.C.  and  to the scale of the United States government's influence of its citizens along with its influence of people worldwide. We have exchanged a monarchy for Washington D.C. I encourage you to go back and read Paine's writings and convince yourself of this.

    Democracy literally was our first worst attempt to share power. Democracy failed in Greece and Rome. It has now failed in the US and voting is only a shell of its former self. 


    Where are the alternatives?

    Where are the alternatives to Democracy today? Irreni is one such alternative. Irreni combines the best knowledge that we have of human nature today and couples that knowledge with the best technology available and technology yet to be invented and distributes power in ways previously unimaginable because the technology to do so never existed before.

    Why are there no other technology-based governing alternatives? People cling to the words socialism, communism, democracy, republic and capitalism the same as the good people clung to the word monarchy in the past. Why?

    It is hard to let go. Face it. Humans suck at changing governing models. If one  only takes away a single lesson  from the book of "Dune" it is this: humans suck so bad at changing governing models that the despotism of concentrated power is inevitable and will eventually concentrate to a power that cannot be broken.

    Fortunately we are not there yet. It is time to break up the concentrated power and distribute power among us all. This will be painful in that most of us want to be power lazy and not do power work, we just concentrate our power on our friends and family. We can no longer afford this luxury. If Washington D.C. is not stopped there may come a point where it is Frank Herbert who wrote "Dune" predicts.

    Fortunately we are not there yet, where genetic engineering is such that the rich people can engineer superior children and logically declare a superiority that was farcically once called the divine right of kings in the past.

    Fortunately we are not there yet; we are not a place in time where concentrated power cannot be challenged. Time to make our collective move. Time for Irreni and other new models for sharing power to begin!


    The future is coming!

    Well come! and well met!

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