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The God Gene

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This blog in general is about about helping people build the world and scale the world. Irreni means innovation replaces revolution, engineering replaces ideology.  My last blog post offered up a scalable solution for dialog, putting aside ideology in favor of creating a space for common dialog and thus engineering conversations that do not require the supernatural ideology.

This blog post is mostly a tangent about where things are going with atheist ideology. 

If you have a couple of hours to kill I'd like to recommend a debate that talks about the God Gene.

First off, there is no god gene. Just as there is no gay gene. However it is useful to talk about both types of genes as a kinda shorthand way of saying "natural".

Even though there are no such genes there is scientific evidence that correlates both homosexuality and religion with genetic traits. Religion is taught to children and yet children reject that teaching. I think most religious folk would be surprised to learn that most atheists become atheists during puberty. I did. Homosexuality is not taught to children and yet children become homosexual during puberty. Given both traits fly in the face of parental upbringing then the compulsion to become not-religious or homosexual in the face of strong counter, social forces suggest a genetic component. Ergo, we talk about a gay gene and a god gene even though neither have any evidence, only a deduction that they exist.

You see what I did there? I tied this blog post to the previous one. Why are scientists willing to make decisions based upon deduction for the origins of homosexuality and religious nature and yet not willing to embrace deductive arguments with the universe origins? Eh? Why don't scientists apply a strict adherence of the null-hypothesis for homosexuality and religion nature? Is this shear hypocricy?

Well, some of this is self-serving. Most scientists are not self serving. However, there is more to it then that. The more to it is that homosexuals and atheists are denigrated throughout most of the world. There exists a real need to combat discrimination. 

The god gene concept explains why religion is found in every culture across time and space. Like homosexuality the god gene explains why some of us are not religious because we do not have the gene.

In the video linked above Lewis Wolpert offers up that the god gene was beneficial to survival and therefore won out and most of us are religious.

At issue though is that the god gene is no longer beneficial. And that is where the future is going with ideology. The god gene is no longer beneficial to our survival. The god gene will be bred out.

Why? There are a couple of  great scenes in the "Jaynestown" episode of the television episode "Firefly". In the first scene Shepherd Book gives a most excellent argument for religion: you don't fix faith, faith fixes you. Shepherd Book says this as River, a super genius, rips up his Bible. River is criticizing the Noah's Ark story saying the story is broken, it doesn't make any sense. In the second scene River runs away from Shepherd Book because when his hair is let down then his hair is scary. What? This tongue in cheek humor is meant to make a cheesy statement: we are all irrational about something.

Dr. Lawerence Krauss admits the fact that all humans are irrational about something, even the most rational of us are irrational. Every scientist and atheist will admit this. We all have unsubstantiated beliefs.

So why do atheists and scientists all the slam religion? Because scientists look to classify their irrational beliefs as just that and treat them accordingly. Those of us without the god gene understand that our irrational nature works against us and are constantly looking to identify, quarantine and irridicate the irrational when possible.

The god gene effect as we understand it today represents a barrier to reason. Are scientists atheists because they became convinced of atheism or are scientists atheists because they lack the god gene?

Evidence is piling up that scientists are non-religious because they are best able to put aside their propensity to value irrationality.  Scientists may exhibit irrationality but they at least understand it for what it is. The religious, on the other hand, embrace their irrationality as rational. That is an obstacle to science.

The god gene. The god gene doesn't exist but the natural propensity for some people to embrace spirituality does.  The propensity impedes reason. Reason is the grist for world scale. People who are best able to put aside their irrationality will be best positioned to handle the complexities of world scale. The most religious will be the least able to manage world scale and thus be reduced to being subjugated by word scale or violence against world scale.

Finally, the god gene has been challenged in the media lately with by what is being called "The New Atheist Movement". This "new" movement is not new. It is the same movement as was there previously with the same old arguments about whether god or the supernatural exists.

That is not a new atheist movement. The new atheist movement will be to choose to side with either being human or to side with the supernatural. There still exists in the new atheist movement the notion that if god put in an appearance then the atheist would believe.

What is the new atheist movement? The new atheist movement is declare independence from all supernatural forces. Align with the supernatural or align with the humans. That is the future that is coming. The arguments about whether god exists will soon be replaced with even if the supernatural exists humans should only side with humans. Free will severs any all ties with the supernatural.

That is the thinking this about to come down the line as a natural extension of the god gene evidence coming to the fore. The god gene effect impedes rational thought. The god gene effect is going to be seen as a determinant to the human agenda and those with the god gene are going to be asked to choose between the supernatural or their fellow humans. If the supernatural exists and puts in an appearance the future atheist will not align with any supernatural force under any conditions. Free will baby. Anti-theism as necessary for survival is coming. Catering to irrationality as rationality is no longer beneficial.


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!

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