Friday, April 3, 2015

Drain the Swamp

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"The government which governs best governs least because the people govern themselves."
-Thomas Jefferson

Modern perception of politics is that we either have a government or we have anarchy and so of course we choose government. Jefferson pointed out a third option: we the people govern ourselves.

Irreni World Scale promotes this Jeffersonian model of people governing themselves. When I started this blog I wanted to apply modern software engineering principles to politics. Google and Facebook as companies both have over 1 billion users. Trust me, they do not organize their computers into governments.

Yesterday I talked about an implicit BIG fancy pants idea not enumerated in the 20 BIG Fancy Pants ideas this blog is founded on. Draining the swamp is another implicit BIG Fancy Pants idea and refers to shifting power from government to small groups of people gradually. Groups of self-governing people come online being responsible for power currently held by government.

Here are some of the ways Irreni World Scale promotes people power:
  1. V.E.R.Y, virtual environment reality you. The VERY is a next step in evolving the Internet. The VERY represents a new global commons that is not restricted by Earthly physical limitations. The VERY as a commons allows people to group not by physical location but by project and cause. 
  2. The Right to Individual Currency. Currency is a franchise. The key to understanding this new right is that it is a 21st century right. We need each other globally now. That is unprecedented in human history. This new right reflects this. If you want an iPhone then you will need to participate in a global currency, you have no choice. An individual currency then is not about disengaging from the global tribe, but shifting power gradually from the government to smaller groups of people. Your own tribe currency will be very limited in spread, but as more tribe currencies come online then centralized power in the form of centralized money becomes checked as people use more and more small group currencies. 
  3. The Right to Information. For people to govern themselves they will need access to all information feasible.
  4. Vote Bank: the vote bank not only represents the power to always have a vote but it always allows new voting blocks. Governments are no longer viable for one reason: they move to slow. In the Internet age of Ebola and what not then we need decisions made rapidly. The Device of Life with the Vote Bank enables people to form flash governments if you will and a voting device that enables it.
  5. Real-time Project Pool, or RPP. This is the equivalent of Kick Starter for the government. The idea is to vote on government projects but those votes are not used by the government itself. However, if the government doesn't respond to a public works project then people have an immediate avenue for taking that government project into their own hands and into private project management using the notion of Kick Starter today.
  6. DFun projects. Direct funding of government projects is again the same notion as the RPP only the franchise is not casting a vote, but spending money. Again, the people can decide to convert a government project into a people project and take that money with the project.
Occupy Wall Street and other modern movements suffer from one rather large looming problem for which they have no solution: what next? What government replaces a failed government? What does the next government look like if we have a revolution?

The answer is there is no answer. One man, the President of the United States, cannot run a country of 400 million people. That's a ridiculous proposition. So much so that even the most talented individual cannot succeed. So much so that someone with no talent will be equally effective as the most talented. Government as a notion has run its course. Government cannot scale. We need to drain the swamp until government is back on a scale that makes sense.

The answer that Occupy Wall Street and other revolutionary groups are looking for is not a revolution at all. The answer is innovation. Innovation that gradually takes government power and converts that power to people power as the people gradually learn to govern themselves. Drain the swamp!

The Irreni ideal of government will take hundreds if not thousands of years to come to be. That ideal is a spaceship Earth with a Captain. That Captain is a ceremonial position that makes for great entertainment. The people have come to Jefferson's ideal of government governing the least. 

Welcome to Irreni World Scale!


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!


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