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Enjoy! TSOA, The Terran Sea Otter Academy

Hi! Happy Thursday!

Introducing the TSOA, the Terran Sea Otter Academy.

Two posts today because when I started to write this blog post I realized that  having a list of the twenty BIG fancy pants ideas readily available would be helpful.

The 20 BIG Fancy Pants ideas are not the only big ideas required for Irreni. Some of Irreni's BIG ideas fall out of implementing the 20 BIG Fancy Pants ideas.

I will introduce the TSOA in terms of another BIG idea of long-term human projects. We need to move our culture to thinking hundred-year projects and long-term project planning. Cultures on Earth today lack multi-generational projects and multi-generational plans that span hundreds or thousands of years. This is a shortcoming of capitalism.  Irreni promotes and requires long-term planning. Cool, eh? Climate change if you stop and think about it will require decades of management and even indefinite management. We will fail at managing climate change if we do not develop capabilities for long-term Earthly planning. Yet our Congress changes plans every four years. Obamacare here today and gone tomorrow. Our collective Earth governments and cultures are capitalist-engineered to be short-sighted with no reasonable expectation of long-term planning.  Irreni means to change all that, introducing the TSOA! Enjoy!

Enjoy! the TSOA

The Terran Sea Otter Academy represents a body of people engaged exclusively in long term planning for hundreds and thousands of years. The TSOA represents a new experiment for humans. Because humans have no track record for long-term planning then the TSOA is envisioned deliberately as something small, powerless and out of the way that will attract as little attention as possible.

Below are some of the traits of the TSOA designed with longevity in mind:
  1. Teaching establishment. The academy's principle job is education. Education is a human universal. 
  2. Ocean based. The Sea Otter mascot symbolizes the ocean. The academy needs to operate on some platform in the ocean adjacent to no country. The academy is a self-governing body with no military, no army and no violent capability of any kind. Defense is provided by mutual interests. Being in the middle of the ocean will make life dull and difficult for the students, workers and teachers. This is deliberately designed to encourage short-term stays on the sea-dwelling platform, less than ten-years. The platform will have no natural resources or other incentives for war. The notion is a kinda barren establishment in a barren place with the hopes of being uninteresting to the point of not being a human target. 
  3. Manage long-term projects. Governments come and go. Companies come and go. Imagine for a moment all of the history Google has curated in Youtube. Youtube has millions of videos representing ekabytes of modern history visual record. Now, imagine Google goes bankrupt and all of that history is lost. One of TSOA's primary responsibilities is to manage the Data Center on the Moon. This DCOTM is a backup and repository of all the human information feasible to curate. A preservation of human history. The idea is to backup Youtube to the DCOTM. The TSOA represents an experiment to have a human social group that spans decades, centuries and mellinia that is responsible for maintaining human data for all time.
  4. Managing world scale projects. In my previous posts there are mentioned a few world scale projects that include all humans. For example, the Device of Life [DOL], a.k.a. the Vote Bank,  is an idea to give everyone on the face of the planet a computer tablet. The TSOA would manage the specifications and human data for all the tablets. However, the TSOA would not be the sole source of producing and managing these computer tablets. The TSOA's primary role would be to manage the long-term aspects of the DOL: storing data and specs. Day-to-day production and distribution would fall under the authority of local governments and companies.
  5. Funding and not trading. A traditional academy of education is funded by its patrons and does not sell or otherwise engage in profiteering. All of the work done by the TSOA would be paid for by sponsorship. The TSOA should never charge a penny for any service or data for fear of being targeted and hence jeopardizing an  longevity objective.
  6. World public organization. The TSOA is world-centric project. The TSOA's mandate is to service every living human from cradle-to-grave by providing and managing a lifetime of data.
  7. Analysis. The TSOA as a teaching institution should be a pre-eminent academy for documenting human behavior.  This is because the TSOA manages all the Devices of Life across humanity and collects data for all humanity. How many parents have lamented not having a manual for a newborn? The baby manual could be a reality with the TSOA. All of the data, cradle-to-grave, for humans that would be required to write baby manuals is curated and kept. Analysis of that data itself becomes data and eventually helpful information like baby manuals. Observing humans is a scary balance of information with respect to privacy versus prosperity.  The TSOA can be there for all time providing whatever prosperity information it has for creating the baby manuals. 
  8. Non-governing. The TSOA should never be placed in a position of governing for longevity reasons.
Enjoy! the TSOA!

The TSOA! is an idea. It is not a final idea. It is a first idea for trying to manage human data in perpetuity. It is for this reason I have penciled in the TSOA to manage so many of the 20 BIG Fancy Pants ideas; DCOTM, DOL, VERY and VTDP. However, one can imagine a long-lived social group for managing each of those ideas independently as separate entities. However, since humans have no track record establishing long-running, long-term social groups and projects then the focus first is the TSOA.

Enjoy! the TSOA!


The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!

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