Saturday, April 18, 2015

Free Will

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Do you have free will? Stick around and I will answer that question.

There are these things that I call emotional spaces. Emotional spaces are just like physical spaces in some ways. You can move in-and-out of them. Some are big, some are small. Each person is like a little planet Earth. Each person has their own landscape of spaces. Some spaces are universal, like hunger. Other spaces only a few people will ever experience.

I came up with the notion of emotional spaces to better understand my own life. So much of my life has no vocabulary. The emotional spaces are never discussed or written about.

Emotional spaces can also be defined by what they are not: a blank slate. Humans have never been blank slates and unfortunately some ancient Greek philosopher coined the term tabula rasa and humans have been suffering for it ever since.

We are not blank slates. Our every existence is defined by a landscape of experiences and emotional spaces those experiences live in. To whit, the tabula rasa is evil and it hurts people. By extension the golden rule is evil and it hurts people. Heterosexual people who have no homosexual emotional space then cannot relate to a homosexual who would die before giving up being homosexual. The religious exclaim there are no atheists in foxholes because the religious have no emotional space for being non-religious.

The list of emotional spaces are as limitless as the number of people who have ever lived. Even though we all share universal spaces such as fear and hunger the combination of size and shape of those universal fear and hunger spaces varies widely among people.

If you are not a socio-path, a psychopath, narcissist or just clinically depressed then you cannot know what it is like to visit those emotional spaces. Have you ever just felt an urge to steal something? Then you are not a kleptomaniac. People with agoraphobia can't leave the house. Do you have that emotional space?

Irreni World Scale transcends every religion to date and does so by transcending the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is humankind's universal first worst attempt at managing human nature where all of human nature is the same as yours. I listed just a few emotional spaces above. As I was doing so you rattled off at least ten more in your mind. You know you did. These emotional spaces are so severe people will die because the space influence. Most of us have no experience with these emotional spaces and this is why humankind must transcend the golden rule to the next level of human morality: treat others as they are and not as you are.  This information rule is contingent all of us getting to know each other's emotional spaces.

Emotional spaces constrain our free will. Emotional spaces represent the entirely of choices available to us. Our mental capacity to manage those spaces represents the degrees of choice freedom that we have, your free will boundaries.

Irreni World Scale is built upon a moral foundation of the information rule. The information rule by its very nature is truly only possible in the current era of technology that we currently live in. The information rule requires information. We cannot know how to treat others as they are if we do not have the information to do so. The information rule is of a time and place. The information rule would not make sense in any era before the Internet, and the information rule must replace the golden rule after the Internet.

The Beatles have a song, "With a Little Help From My Friends." Their song was a send up to drugs, drugs being their "friends" in this case. Irreni World Scale should have a similar song, "With a lot of Help From My Tribe."

Free will doesn't just have to be just about you, your emotional spaces and your ability to mentally manage your emotional spaces. Free will boundaries can be extended with a little help.

Find your tribe!

Irreni World Scale is built on empowering people to experience ever greater degrees of choice and free will. How? By building upon six-degrees of knowing people who have both similar and yet distinct emotional spaces from you. There are things you cannot do and that you will never be able to emotionally do, but those things are possible by people that you know in your tribe.

Find your tribe!

Find your tribe! Prior to the age of the information rule a tribe was best realized when homogeneous. The tribe aspired to be a group of people who focused on sharing the exact same emotional spaces. This makes sense when the foundation for such a tribe is the golden rule. This is religion.

Find your tribe!

In the age of information rule the make-up of your tribe changes. The ideal tribe is one that empowers everyone in the tribe with the most emotional spaces manageable, diversity. For example, personally I will die before I kill anyone. My empathy and my emotional space is such that I cannot kill anyone even in self defense. I cannot and I will not. However, if I want to survive then I need to find a tribe where there I have enough in common with people who are willing to kill. By making a decision to be part of a tribe with people of different emotional spaces then I have exercised a form of vicarious free-will. I'm able to enlist others to make decisions that are not possible for me to make. Free will boundary is extended.

Irreni World Scale is engineered to expand the degrees of freedom in your free choice universe. This engineering requires everyone to find a tribe, but not a homogeneous tribe as has been the case throughout human existence. No, we must together transcend homogeneity of tribe to a balance of homogeneity and heterogeneity the opens the choice possibilities for everyone in the tribe.

How much heterogeneity should one seek out? The answer is the same answer Thomas Jefferson gave when asked about federal charity. Thomas Jefferson was asked if the federal government should give to charity and if so how much? Jefferson's answer was simply, "as much as the public will tolerate." You should seek out a tribe to expand your free will boundaries with a tribe as heterogeneous as the tribe can tolerate.

And that is Free Will in the 21st century.


Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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