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Irreni Solutions Hugs Ya!

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Mmm, Irreni VS The Ozzies! Irreni VS The Boston Baked Bean! I could've gone with either one of those for today's topic of introducing the OI! Principle! OI! OI! OI!

We all know the Australians, or Ozzies, down under say Oy! AC/DC uses Oy! in a few of their songs. Somehow the punk rock scene in Boston picked up on this. In fact there is a genre of punk rock, Celtic punk, that uses Oy! that I really like. I also like Boston Ska punk such as The Mighty Mighty Bostones. What? So the Irish come to Boston and a few hundred years later pick up punk rock with Ozzie empathic noises! Gotta love life. Mmm.

Irreni Solutions Hugs Ya!

OI Principle of Human Quality.

OI stands for opportunity importance. Everyone has a right to opportunity and all people are equal opportunity important. Now that the age of human quality is upon us then the obligation is to afford everyone opportunity of importance for quality of life.

Unlike with religion there are no outsiders with Irreni World Solutions. Everyone is in. This is a reflection of the COx principle I introduced yesterday.

The world's major religions that account for billions embrace a principle of insider vs. outsider.  You are either for us or agin us. Not so with Irreni.

Yesterday I blogged about the COx principle that embodies a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The COx principle states emphatically that the definition of people means only the living people. The COx principle excludes space aliens and supernatural powers such as gods.

The OI principle expands the concept that we are all created equal. The OI principle states we are all living equal. Everyone has an equal right to opportunity importance. We all have the equal right to shelter, food, healthcare and eduction; all of which afford everyone opportunity.

We humans have an obligation to take care of each other. There are no outsiders, even with contradictory morals. I've expressed morals contradictory to my own in some of my posts. For example I have emphatically stated religion is evil. In a religious context calling something evil is an insider vs. outsider statement. In the Irreni context it is not.

Here is what I wrote the other day about free will:

In the age of information rule the make-up of your tribe changes. The ideal tribe is one that empowers everyone in the tribe with the most emotional spaces manageable, diversity. For example, personally I will die before I kill anyone. My empathy and my emotional space is such that I cannot kill anyone even in self defense. I cannot and I will not. However, if I want to survive then I need to find a tribe where there I have enough in common with people who are willing to kill. By making a decision to be part of a tribe with people of different emotional spaces then I have exercised a form of vicarious free-will. I'm able to enlist others to make decisions that are not possible for me to make. Free will boundary is extended.

Irreni World Scale is engineered to expand the degrees of freedom in your free choice universe. This engineering requires everyone to find a tribe, but not a homogeneous tribe as has been the case throughout human existence. No, we must together transcend homogeneity of tribe to a balance of homogeneity and heterogeneity the opens the choice possibilities for everyone in the tribe.
Irreni is founded upon a principle of moral diversity and moral heterogeneity.  In Irreni it is desirable to form a tribe that is not homogeneous of one set of morals.

Let me put this notion of evil in another context. Instead of picking on religion then I will single out guns. I can personally cite studies that show the escalation of violence is embedded in human nature and that violence begets violence. I can cite facts of human violence escalation in places like Oakland where the gang members now assume everyone is packing and have resorted to drive-by-shootings that are indiscriminate and kill babies. These drive-by shootings have replaced targeted shootings due to an escalation of guns. I can argue that those in this country who are escalating concealed carry and open carry are evil;  evil by escalating violence in this country. People who carry guns put those of us who do not carry guns in greater risk of shoot-first, ask no questions. Soon drive-by shootings will extend beyond gang neighborhoods. Throughout all of human history violence escalates when violence is used as a deterrent: right up to the point of nuclear war and M.A.D., mutually assured destruction.

Yet even as I label gun owners as evil I can have them in my tribe as I stated in the free will post and the included paragraph above. 

Pointing out that guns and religion are evil is simply pointing out the guns and religion are harmful. The folks who claim religion and guns are beneficial disagree in the overall cost/benefit analysis.

Humans are distinct from computers these days by one important trait: contradiction. Humans can embrace both A and not A at the same time. Irreni exploits this contradiction in a positive fashion by promoting diversity of morality.

The OI principle of importance is meant to scale to all 7 billion people on this planet by creating tribes with people of contradicting morals, or moral diversity. Everyone has the right to opportunity importance. And to quote Benjamin Franklin: your rights end where my rights begin. If we can accomplish right management within our own tribe we can do so with the world. This is a person-to-person solution, not a government mandate. If you don't want the government telling you to accept competing morals then you need to embrace, manage and use them to your advantage.

There are no outsiders on planet Earth as we are all Terrans. Irreni's twin pillars of human rights of COx and OI  include all living people. Irreni World Scale hugs ya!

This is why the tag line of this blog is "scale your empathy, scale the world." People with opposing morals can still empathize with each other.

The OI principle is not just about managing contradictory morals such that all 7 billion people are important. The OI principle means someone cannot send someone else in their place to die.

Imagine, if you will, that any government or ruling official had to be in the front lines of any war or violence that the ruling official with power cared to start.

If all those jack-asses sitting in Washington had to pick up a gun and be in the front lines of  Iraq, Syria or other middle-Eastern country then America's current history on war would be vastly different.

That is the OI principle. Back before the world had 7 billion people it might be argued that someone was irreplaceable. No more. If humans had done their job treating all people as important then with 7 billion people there would be hundreds of Albert Einstein class intelligence people right now, making a difference. An Albert Einstein class intelligence is not irreplaceable with 7 billion people.

Back in the civil war it was Abe Lincoln who halted the practice of American generals riding into battle because he was losing qualified generals. No more. With 400 million Americans today then you could lose one-thousand generals and still find one-thousand more. George Washington rode into battle with his men in the front lines. Time to bring that concept back but this time include the Congress people.

The OI principle states that no one is more opportunity important than another by right. Congress does not have the right to send people to die on their behalf or anyone others. War is still easily possible where you just have to be in the front lines if you want to start it.

We are all living equal and not just created equal. Irreni World Scale solutions is not by the people, of the people for the people but by the living, of the living and for the living. In the modern world we can no longer pretend we humans can separate into our respective corners so as to be  isolated and in this way manage contradictory morals to keep us from killing each other We need to accept our contradictory moral nature and even exploit it. The COx and OI principles of Irreni World Scale set up the boundaries of just how far one can go. Replacing the golden rule with the information rule, treating others as they are and not as you are, makes competing moral codes possible. The golden rule has to be out.


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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