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Irreni Solutions VS. The Microwave

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I loved the TV series Chuck! It is available on Netflix and most of the episodes are entitled like, "Chuck vs. The Microwave."

Yesterday I blogged about innovation being the problem and then innovation being the solution. All this yik-yak about left vs. right and religion is just nonsense.

So, what would solutions look like if we applied Irreni design to the past?

We'll call this Irreni Solutions vs. the Microwave.

There was a well publicized study a few years ago that the microwave oven correlated with the demise of the family meal at night. Since the adoption on a large scale of the microwave oven then families on average no longer eat dinner together. Sociologists have linked this missing meal to a furthering of the break down of the family unit.

The microwave oven was kinda the the straw that builds, not breaks,  the camel's back. The microwave oven made the cooking time of say things like a baked potato go from 60 minutes to 5 minutes. Reducing cooking time  freed  up time for married women with children so much so they could work full-time on a massive scale.  For sure the microwave oven was just one in a long line of home appliances that reduced the time it took to do domestic chores. But the microwave oven price dropping and adoption rising of microwave ovens in home correlates nicely with the trend of women entering into the workforce and subsequently the further deterioration of the family unit.

Let's juxtapose the Irreni approach to the new moral dilemma created by technology, women entering the workforce, with what actually happened. Our choices for managing women entering the workforce are:

  1. Irreni: Implement hundreds of social experiments on a small scale and gradually picking winners over decades until national solutions are found. Variations of experiments would include things such as raising salaries for jobs from 10-100% at all different levels to allow single parent incomes to make do.
  2. What happened: Blame liberals for the sexual revolution and feminism as responsible for the decline of the family even though the root cause was women entering the workforce. What's just nonsensical to the extreme is that both liberal and conservative women entered the workforce in like numbers.
The year 1984 was a landmark year for me as it was the year I came to California at the age of 22. I was well under way in developing Irreni but I still hadn't made the connection yet that new moral dilemmas are made possible by technology and thus technology and not ideology is the root cause of the American moral struggle we face today.

By 1988 I was entering college and started taking an interest in the social sciences. At that time the impact on women entering the workforce was being well documented and discussed in colleges.

Here's what the media said:

  1. Reagonomics was working! Hurray! Reagan ended the recession! Trickle down economics and deregulation worked! 
  2. The family was suffering! Blame feminism and liberals!
Here's the reality:
  1. Women entered the workforce in record numbers from 1980 until about 1992, when an equilibrium or saturation point was met. The percentage of women in the workforce stabilized and hasn't changed since 1992.
  2. From 1992 until 2015 the economy has been driven by one thing: economic bubbles. At first it was the Internet until 2000. Then it was real-estate until 2006. We are now still living in a cycle of banking bubbles.
The conservatives had a choice in 1980s. Conservatives are the folks who claim in national media the moral high-ground based on their religion. Their choice was they could meet the new moral dilemma of women entering the workforce head on and offer new moral solutions or these folks could choose to feel righteous and lay blame and finger-point from their high-ground. Well we all know how that choice goes, every time.

Even in the early 1990s long before the microwave oven study came out it was clear that technology was root cause for our national need for new morals. Women entered the workforce because of two factors: time and money. They had the time made available by technology and a long recession required them to make the money.
Now if Irreni World Scale had been around in the 1980s then things would have been different. The Irreni approach is to launch a large number of experiments all with different parameters and then scientifically monitor the results. Winners will prevail and then be scaled.

Last week it was floated in the news that the new minimum wage should be $50/hour. That is the kind of thing that Irreni World Scale would say. The only difference is that Irreni would also suggest $10, $20, $30, $40 and so on up to $100/hour. Scaling social programs should not start nationally by introducing $50/hour minimum wage. Scaling social programs should be done with innovation: lots of competition over long periods of time.

Irreni World Scale leaves religion in the dust. Irreni World Scale exposes religion for the fraud that religion is when religion claims authority of morality.  Religion as a moral engine never supplies scalable answers, only guilt and blame. We have lots of history to prove it. On the other hand what innovation creates then innovation can solve. We can solve these important moral challenges such as with the two-parent working family enabled by microwave ovens by launching lots and lots of experiments that include up to doubling a person's salary such that a family only needs one person to work. The key to Irreni is to be scientific about the experiments so as to gather the results and validate the winners. Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. We need to build evidence from small-to-large over time.

Irreni World Scale replaces the ideology of not only religion but also capitalism, socialism, communism and democracy. Irreni leap-frogs all ideology by treating ideas as independent. Ideas are isolated experiments to be tested in the working world. Irreni World Scale moves beyond the necessary slow pace of changing ideology to the rapid pace of millions of experiments; what we in the tech world call innovation. Finally, as I've stated in my previous posts experiments in the real world take time, decades and even centuries. The world can still achieve a rapid pace of social innovation over those decades and centuries when that time is divided into thousands and millions of experiments. Religion cannot and never will be able to keep up with the pace of technological advancement.  Irreni World Scale can. Let the experiments begin!


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The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

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