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Irreni Solutions vs. Until Death Do You Part

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Today is entitled, "Chuck vs. Until Death Do You Part". In this episode Chuck and Sarah are on a mission in Suburbia. Our two deeply-in-love spies go undercover as a married couple. Will these two love birds having a brush with "Until Death Do You Part" be intimidated from getting married where real death doesn't keep them from their job? Tune in to find out!


Irreni Solutions VS. Until Death Do You Part

First of all let me say to all the same sex married couples: congratulations. You've earned it. Coming out, public humility and especially all the shaming and bullying from the religious community represent serious emotional obstacles not easily overcome.

Huzzah! Really I mean it!

But unfortunately marriage is an already dead institution so I regret to inform you that your victory will be short. However the battle for public acceptance as normal and not perverts has been accomplished. So no matter what the fate of marriage is tomorrow no one can ever take public acceptance of same sex relationships away from you today.

Marriage is dead for one simple reason: 30 years is not 70 years.

I was looking into life insurance recently and learned a startling statistic. It turns out that one-third of Americans born today are expected by the actuaries of insurance companies to live until the age of ninety.

Till death do you part for a lifespan of thirty years is totally different for a lifespan of seventy years, ninety-years.  It is for this reason and this reason alone that marriage is over.

Divorce in the modern era is not a sign of moral decay from abandoning God. Divorce in the modern era is a sign of us living to an average age past seventy. Keeping a marriage together on average fifty years is completely different challenge than twenty years.

This is how asinine religion is. Humans could easily discover how to stop ageing tomorrow. That would mean death would only happen by disease, accident or murder. Life spans could last thousands of years. And yet even in the face of this technological advancement religion would meet this new moral situation with the 2000-years-old "till death do you part" moral. Face it, religion has no answers. Religion is irrelevant.

Now that lifespans have doubled in time since "until death do you part" was originally penned then it doesn't make any sense to make this commitment. Katherine Hepburn put it this way when she was asked in an interview why she never married: "Well, if you want to eat from the same menu every night that's your choice, its not mine".

Who wants to eat from the same menu for fifty years? Oh sure there is a certain percentage of the population for which endless monogamy doesn't equate to hellish monotony: but that percentage is small.

What marriage needs is a complete make over and the world marriage tossed out. Divorce should not be an tragedy or a thing. It is not so much we need to do away with marriage as it is we need to jettison divorce.

Just throw the entire concept of marriage and divorce out. Let's start over.

But what makes sense?
  1. Contracts for kids. Marriage should not be the long term contract, but rather having kids. We should shift the contract from the couple to the parent and kid. When you have a kid the state could hand you a contract that says you are responsible for that kid until the kid reaches adulthood.
  2. Terms. Marriage contracts could simply have terms of five years, ten years, etc. When the term ends there is no divorce. The couple are responsible for dividing up property on their own. 
  3. Corporations. Make a marriage nothing more than a C corp. Having run a business now for over ten years I have come to understand a few things. First of all every corporation has to have what are called By Laws. Corporate by laws are as binding as any contract. Instead of have a prenuptial that may not be able to anticipate many years then the couple becomes a company. The couple draws up by laws that are updated annually on an ongoing basis. Dissolving the company is just like dissolving any company today. 
Those are just three possible suggestions right off of the top of my head and I'm sure after reading my suggestions your imagination kicked in and you could come up with a dozen more.

Irreni Solutions vs. Until Death Do You Part.

Marriage is yet again another example of how technology, in this case medicine, changed the moral landscape. Our lifespans are now twice as a long as they were 2000 years ago. Divorce is not a symptom of feminism, liberalism or moral decay. Divorce is a symptom of we are living longer and marriage for an entire lifespan makes less-and-less sense every day.

The Irreni Solution to marriage is we come up with a few hundred experiment ideas on how to move beyond traditional marriage. Then we run those experiments for at least a hundred years. We gather the evidence and validate any claims made for the experiments. In one-hundred years we'll have new moral codes for raising children as well as satisfying our natural propensity for intense intimate relationships. 

Zoom zoom!


Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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