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Sixty-Three Quad-Zero

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Sixty-Three Quad-Zero

James Bond was 007 because presumably the number of people licensed to kill was limited. What a quaint thought. Here in the USA there are 630,000 police officers licenced to kill with impunity. Sixty-Three Quad-Zero!

Today is a teaching moment about scale. Today I'll put news headlines in the context of scale.

Here are the news topics at hand:

  1. Walter Scott and the Blue Code of Silence. 

    Why isn't the partner of the Walter Scott murdering cop charged with accessory to murder? Hello, cover up? Why aren't the 630,000 police officers in this country speaking out.
  2. Elizabeth Warren.

    Why is Elizabeth a lone wolf? Why isn't Elizabeth Warren partnering up with Bernie Sanders? Where are Barbra Boxer and Diane Feinstein? Why aren't all Democrats in Washtingto DC standing with Elizabeth Warren?

  3. California Drought.

    I came to California in 1984 and there was a drought. Why hasn't California and the USA overlayed this country with water pipelines the same as with oil pipelines?

Blue Code of Silence

The Catholic Church is a disgraced institution of child rapists. I
bring this up because at the end of last century we saw first hand the
result of sticking to a code of silence the Catholic Church
maintained. It failed. The Catholic Church has no cred. None. This
code of silence is a universal moral throughout human history. Gangs
and social groups of all kinds hate snitches. The code of silence has
protected those on the the inside and given assurance of illusion to
those outside. No more.

No more. Codes of silence do not scale in the modern world. Just ask
the Catholic Church. The police are getting a taste of this with
ubiquitous cameras in phones filming them everywhere. In South
Carolina a police officer was caught shooting a man in the back eight
times as the victim ran away. The cop was fired and charged with
murder but only after the cops had closed ranks to protect their
own. The blue code of silence kicked in. The murdering cop's partner
who witnessed the whole thing said nothing. It is only because a
civilian brought forth a video showing the murder did the police fire
the murdering cop and charge him with murder.

Why haven't the 630,000 police officers in this country taken to the
media to condemn this murder and show their outrage? This question is
one of human nature. This same question applies to terrorism. Why
haven't the 1.2 billion Muslims in the world take to the media to
condemn terrorism and show the outrage. Why haven't the priests in the
Catholic Church spoken out over the last fifty years about the child
rape? Why don't the people in gang neighborhoods cooperate with the
police and maintain a code of silence?

How is this an issue of scale? Stereotypes. Stereotypes of local
priests and police are no longer determined solely locally. We are all
in this together, worldwide.  Human nature requires stereotypes.
Humans are pattern matching machines and when those patterns apply to
humans we call them stereotypes. Pattern matching is who we are at our
very core. There is no fighting the national and global stereotypes
replacing what were once only local.

It doesn't matter if most police officers are good when all 630,000
police officers are enacting a code of silence to protect one bad one:
the partner of the murdering cop in South Carolina. Justice needs to
be applied fairly in the minds of the people or all respect for the
law will be lost.

The murdering cop in South Carolina is becoming part of new stereotype
of cops on par with the stereotype today of Mexican Federales. Media
no longer stays local. People will stereotype a cop in New York with a
story of cop in South Carolina. This is a just a new
reality. Corporate media optimizing dollars per story ensures that
only a handful of stories get national attention and this undermines
historical media local stereotypes. There is no going back. That means
we all have to speak out nationally.

The blue code of silence needs go. Police need to start flushing out
all the bad cops before they lose all credibility just like the Catholic Church. Sadly that will never happen. The Catholic Church is still to this day clinging to a code of silence and so will the police.  The police in this country are on an inevitable course of total credibility destruction. The police would rather go down in flames then break the code just like with the Catholic Church.

Elizabeth Warren

Mr. U.: "There is no news. There's the truth of the signal. What l see. And, there's the puppet theater. . . the Parliament jesters foist on the somnambulant public."
Mal: "Well, what about this? Did this make the puppet theater?"
Mr. U.: "No, sir. And no lawforce flags, either. I had to go into the security feed direct."
Mal: "You can do that?"
Mr. U.: "Can't stop the signal, Mal. Everything goes somewhere, and I go everywhere."
-Mr. Universe, Serenity

Elizabeth Warren is playing a part in a cynical puppet theater made
for too big to fail. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Elizabeth Warren is
100% sincere in her beliefs just as she is equally sure there is 0%
chance of making a difference. A too-big-to-fail government,
too-big-to-fail banks have no incentive to do anything moral or good any
more. None.

Just as we must ask the question about why the 630,000 police officers are not crying out about the partner covering up for the murdering cop; just as we must ask why 1.2 billion Muslim's are not crying out about terrorism; then we must ask why aren't all Democrats in Congress standing with Elizabeth Warren?

The answer is obvious, of course. Elizabeth Warren is just puppet theater. Elizabeth Warren represents the escape valve on a tea kettle. She allows the progressives to blow steam. But that is all she is. She is not standing with Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate. That's because there is no sincerity in Washington in supporting anything Elizabeth Warren is espousing. She is just playing her part.

Politics has always been cynical and people have always been played. This is nothing new and this is nothing scale-worthy. What Elizabeth Warren represents is a symptom of a scale that is too-big-to-fail. No matter how damning the transgression of entities too-big-to-fail there is no transgression going to bring them down. We are in denial about this and Elizabeth Warren feeds our denial.

That's it. That is Elizabeth Warren.

California Drought

California's water problem is well understood. I came to California in
1984. There was drought. Trust me on this one: the one thing the
morons who run this country understand is supply and demand. Even the
idiot politicians in Washington and California government are smart
enough to have pieced together a plan to build a pipeline from Canada
to California. But they haven't. Oh wait, yes they have...for oil.

The delicious irony of the Keystone Pipeline debacle to deliver
tar-sands oil from Alberta, Canada to Louisiana is that the story has been
all over the news going on two years now and so has been California’s
drought. We've been talking about pipelines for oil to meet supply and
demand, but not for water. Why not?

We the people no longer scale with a population of 400 million. The scale moral is "we the profits". We the profits determine the political will for oil. We the people did not. We the people cannot scale the political will. Democracy is dead.

Evolution Breaking Bad

What these three news stories have fundamentally  in common is that humans socially evolve at the same pace we genetically evolve, very slowly. Codes of silence such as the blue code of silence have been around forever. Today codes of silence don't work for the rapists in the Catholic Church  and are working less every day for the police. Why are the 630,000 police silent? Technology has put pressure on us to move beyond the very slow pace of evolving our social systems and to a rapid pace to innovate.

So, welcome to Irreni World Scale! Irreni World Scale brings to the forefront the fundamental shift from evolving social systems to innovating social systems.  So let us commit together to fast forward social programs to keep pace with technology today.


Be Sexy people!

Slow Speed Ahead!

The future is coming!

Well come! and well met!

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