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The Human Race, We Won!

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Good News! The human race is over, we won! Wooo hooo!

The last couple of blog posts I have been introducing two Irreni, big fancy pants ideas: COx and OI.  There are twenty such ideas and today we'll examine two more.

The Human Quality Principle. 

The human race is over! We won! The information age marks a new era of human objective: quality of life.

Real-time Project Pool

Pseudo direct democracy where using the Vote Bank folks vote not only on candidates but also public projects continuously. These votes inform the representatives. 

Getting It Together

Technology ushered in modern religion. The rise of modern religion 5,000 years ago coincides nicely with the burgeoning technology of farming. Farming meant people could stay in one place and also meant people had more free time. Religion, then, is a testament that humans are lousy with managing free time.

Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
-Susan Ertz
Technology produced the modern religions that account for most people today in an era where humans were still struggling to survive. Religion is our first worst attempt to explain nature; disease, lightning, earthquakes and human violence. Religion is closely tied to survival mentality. It is long past time to acknowledge religion's role in the human history and move on.

Technology produced the modern religions and technology produced the new era of the human condition: quality of life. We are no longer in on a survival footing. We now have the technology for just 1-2% of the people on this planet to feed the other 98%. We must acknowledge we are in the age of quality of life. Our moral obligation is now to provide opportunity and meaning for every person born, every person alive today. It is time to move beyond survival religion.

But to what? What do we move towards?

The answer is obvious; let me walk you through it.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is a quality of life statement. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has been on the books for quite some time now as the American quality of life metric. The US has been moving away from the survival nature of religion and towards opportunity and quality for over 200 years.

But life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is just a mission statement. This jingo does not set up any implementation on how this mission is to take place. The Bill of Rights and the US Constitution are really about setting up an environment for government to stay out of each person's way and to let people decide on their own how to pursue happiness.

Irreni World Scale takes the next step beyond creating an opportunity environment to an opportunity implementation.

You have now been walked through one step; moving from creating an environment of government staying out of the way of happiness to implementation of happiness.

America has an existing implementation for providing people with opportunity: public education. Public education is not in the US Constitution. Thomas Jefferson once said that Democracy needs an educated populace and informed citizenry in order to have informed, educated voters. What is amazing about public education being a bedrock of American ethos is that public education is not in the US constitution and yet every State has it.

Vaunted public education runs afoul of religion every day. Public education is about improving an individual's quality of life whereas religion is about survival and subjugation to the tribe. Public education informs about all of history and all of the diversity of life where religion and the golden rule depend heavily on monoculture and homogeneity of history.

Public education is at the nexus of our collective American cognitive dissonance. These two opposing ideas of quality of life  and survival having opposing world views. Eduction informs a diverse moral history where religion requires a narrow moral history. Education exposes the true human nature of moral relativism whereas religion demands moral uniformity.

I have a story I'd like to share about this clash. It involves abortion.

A few years ago in the state of California there was a law being debated regarding underage girls requiring consent from her parents before getting abortion. On the face of it this law sounds reasonable enough but this law does not take into account human diversity.

The most damaging myth going in society today is not religion. The most damaging myth going is that all parents love their children and would only do what's best for them. This sets up a perfect standard for people. Parents are perfect and the law is designed to it.

This perfection standard of people is what ultimately brought down Democracy in Rome. John Adams wrote the very first constitution ever for the state of Massachusetts. John Adams chose Cicero for his muse, not Jesus. Adams took it to heart when Cicero debriefed Rome's demise was because of Roman laws demanding people be perfect in order to be effective. Therefore Adams created a constitution that allowed for corruption and relied on checks-and-balances between co-equal branches of government to check power. The reason the Supreme Court does not approve laws prior to being sent to the President being signed is to allow for corruption. Congress and the President can pass corrupt laws that are corrupted by money or populist movements and claim victory with those to whom they are corruptly beholden. The corrupted laws eventually get
overturned by the Supreme Court.

A law requiring underage girls to get parental consent requires perfect parents. At the time that this law was being debated here in California I was debating this law on social media websites. I am wholly against this law. I have studied enough anthropology and sociology enough to know that somewhere between 50-80% of all teenage pregnancies are with a family relative: father, brother, cousin, etc. When I pointed out this fact to the mostly religious folks who were in favor of this law the truth came out. The law is about promoting desired behaviors and expected social norms. This is the survival mentality of religion where there is a homogeneous morality that is enforced for survival. Fathers that get their daughters pregnant do not factor into this. A girl who is the victim of her father, brother or cousin doesn't matter. A girl who doesn't want to bring down the family by revealing her pregnancy doesn't matter.

That is religion in a nutshell. Religion is only concerned with dogma and moral objectivity because the end game is survival. All non-conforming behaviors to the objective dogma are considered perverted and most important not considered at all in law. The law requires perfection and everyone to be ideal. Religious law promotes a moral objectivity that is shown to work, but only for a few who can live close the ideal standards. 

But we do not live an the age of survival any more and moral relativity is the objective. Moral standards are of a time, place and era when human quality of life matters. It is for this reason that gay marriage matters. It is no longer morally acceptable to label homosexuality a sin, gay people as evil. Religion is now evil. Religious dogma and moral objective codes are  evil. And the shift from moral objectivity to moral relativity in our culture started when this country was founded. Even in 1776 technology had moved us from the human race to the human quality condition.

Today public education is a manifestation of the quality of life vs. survival.

I have now walked you through the next step; implementation of happiness promotes moral diversity.

Now we are ready to discuss the RTPP, real-time project pool. Education informs and makes us aware of moral relativity. Education prepares us. The next step is implementation. The next step is two fold: The Sexy Principle of Human Quality combined with the RTPP.

Previously I introduced the Sexy Principle of Human Quality, which is we all are responsible for informing each other through culture what our ideal societies are. The Sexy Principle requires us to to promote using the arts such as movies, music and dance our desired notions of societies.

The RTPP is the culmination of the Sexy Principle. Once we collectively agree on the kinds of societies we want then we create projects to bring those societies into being. This is the RTPP. The real-time project pools is an indirect form of Democracy. The RTPP is implemented using the device of life, another big fancy pants idea where every person has an Internet tablet from cradle-to-grave for social networking. There is a project board available in the device of life where everyone votes in real-time for projects that would bring about the kind of societies we want to live in. Our representatives are beholden to bring these projects into being.

If you have been following Irreni here lately then you know I've been advocating lots and lots of social experiments. The RTPP is a tool for managing these experiments. Every project in the RTPP is a social experiment. These projects/social experiments stay alive as long as people continue to vote for them.

The human race is over, we won! This means we are no longer beholden to objective ideology and religion. In the age of human quality and age of information we create quality of life with whatever kinds of societies that we can all agree upon.  We focus on the quality of life and not just survival. We embrace moral diversity and eject moral objectivity. Zoom zoom!


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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