Thursday, April 2, 2015

Twenty BIG Fancy Pants Ideas

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The foundation for IRRENI is twenty principles that I call big fancy pants ideas. The posts on Irreni mostly revolve around discussing and promoting these ideas.

20 BIG Fancy Pants Ideas

  1. The TSOA, The Terran Sea Otter Academy.

    Curator of all human knowledge stored hosted on the Data Center on the Moon.
  2. The Human Quality Principle.

    The human race is over! We won! The information age marks a new era of human objective: quality of life.
  3. Right to Individual Currency.

    Everyone has the right to print money. Governments can only tax currency that government issues. This represents a new franchise in addition to voting that allows people to indirectly influence government.
  4. Right to Public Information.

    In 1789 we recognized the right of public education in order to have an informed citizenry. In the information age we extend that right to included public information.
  5. Vote Bank,  Device of Life, Boom Bank! or DOL.

    The Vote Bank turns voting on its head and stores votes permanently in a vote account just like a bank ATM has a permanent record of your financial account balance.
  6. Vote-who-you-know voting, Empathy voting, six-degrees-of-separation voting.

    The Vote Bank is set up to only allow voting for only folks you know. Chaining votes represent a vote count. A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> G implies G has six votes; ergo six-degrees.
  7. Corruption Voting.

    Manage corruption by making it legal. The idea is to use the Vote Bank to bank votes permanently and then votes are made public and visible to everyone. People can be legally paid to change their vote. Record of the vote and payment are made public.
  8. Random Campaign Cycles.

    Banking votes using the Vote Bank affords having perpetual votes and random election days.
  9. Real-time Project Pool.

    Pseudo direct democracy where using the Vote Bank folks vote not only on candidates but also public projects continuously. These votes inform the representatives.
  10. Direct Funding Projects.

    During WWII America paid for the war using war bonds. We bring back this notion to allow folks to "kick-starter" government projects with direct funding. This is again pseudo direct democracy.
  11. Gnib Gnab Principle.

    Our collective objective as humans is to survive until the universe ends. Preferably at Millyways.
  12. OI Principle of Human Quality.

    OI stands for opportunity importance. Everyone has a right to opportunity and all people are equal opportunity important. Now that the age of human quality is upon us then the obligation is to afford all opportunity of importance for quality of life.
  13. Sexy Principle of Human Quality.

    The entire expanse of folk living are obligated to communicate models of living quality. We cannot deliver expectations of quality of life unless we know what these expectations are. We should all be movie makers promoting our own expectations. We should all be role players in role playing games to try out expectations and experiment what it is like to be in someone else's shoes.
  14. COx Principle of Human Quality.
    About year ago, I was chatting with a senior executive at a large organization that had just seen a new CEO arrive on the scene. I asked how it was going and she said that the striking thing about the new CEO was that he was very “self-effacing.”
    She contrasted this as a big change from the former CEO who while being very smart, was brash and lacking in modesty. She said, “He would suck all the oxygen out of any room because the attention always had to be on him.”
    -Vince Molinaro

    Contradictory Oxygen principle is an allusion to an expression oft uttered where someone sucks all of the "oxygen" out of the room by talking over everyone else. In this case of COx I am referring to the dead stealing all of the oxygen from the living. Of course the dead do not breathe and ergo the contradictory oxygen principle. This principle states that no generation of living folk can obligate the next
    generation of folk after passing on...especially to the point to where someone is born
    into a completely proscribed, planned and obligated situation brought about by the dead. This is tyranny of the dead for the living. We are building out planet Earth materially, legally and culturally and that should not presume any obligation on the living because of what was built in the past. 
  15. Data Center On The Moon, or DCOTM. 

    A relatively remote place from human machinations for backup storage of all human knowledge. Declare the moon public property in perpetuity and then protect public information rights by putting all public information on the moon. What a great legacy for every generation to leave the next.
  16. Universal Schema.

    Human language schema for humans implemented by computers. Yeah, ok, this one is  boring. This is the map of information stored in the DCOTM.
  17. Augmented Romantic Intillegence, or ARI and Peronal ARI.

    ARI is software the works with the DCOTM. Romantic means conversational interface. Personal ARI, or PARI,  is a conversational interface customized to an individual.
  18. 69 Principle of Human Quality.

    Today a number cannot be copyrighted or otherwise given intellectual property standing in law. The 69 Principle of Human Quality says we should have as a goal to make as much information free from intellectual property standing as possible, just like with numbers.
  19. The V.E.R.Y., Virtual Environment, Real You.

    A virtual reality that
    contains precisely one human avatar for every human alive. No other
    human-designated avatars are allowed. The primary function of the VERY is trade and political assembly. TSOA is responsible for managing the VERY.
  20.  The VERY Terran Data Port, or VTDP.

    The data port represents space wireless protocols for communicating with Earth and managed by the TSOA. Imagine a future spaceship sets sail for Alpha Centauri. Hundreds of years later an automated spaceship from Alpha Centauri returns looking for news of Earth? What news? Answer: the Data Port. Landing is energy expensive. The VERY Terran Data Port is the preferred "landing" port of space faring ships.  The VTDP has connection to all the people and the DCOTM. Upload the latest data to the DCOTM and talk with any and all  folk. We rather fancy that this would be the very first VERY application. Space ports are hugely romantic. Create a VERY Space port hocking everything to everyone on Earth and in space!

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