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Irreni Solutions VS 2016 Elections

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Irreni Solutions VS 2016 Elections

The elections are coming! The elections are coming!

Got Despair?

Are you asking yourself does it really matter?

The amount of repair, hope, change and political optimism is inversely proportional to the number of candidates running. Our elections have been distilled down to a popularity contest. We have no expectation that the next President of the United States will be able to overcome the corruption and therefore the President is like a homecoming queen: pretty without expectation.

A popularity contest. It has come down to that.

I would like to offer an Irreni solution to the 2016 election: indirectly use the Internet for populist voting.

Here is the formula:
  1. Google and Linkedin join forces to post resumes of political candidates. 
  2. Citizens post resumes of anyone they'd like to see in office.
  3. Anyone that qualifies under the Constitution qualifies as a political candidate. 
  4. Citizens campaign via the Internet for the best and brightest. 
  5. Citizens bank votes for a political position choosing a ranked one, two and three candidate.
  6. Every day Google posts election results based upon the banked votes. 
  7. A mock election is held in 2015. 
  8. The entire system is reset back to zero and the election cycle begins for 2016. 
  9. Anyone elected can refuse the office after election for any reason. 
  10. Once an office is refused the next vote getter wins the election.
  11. Ties are broken by time, where the person who first got to the amount based upon the vote bank dates wins.
  12. In 2016 we write in the candidate who won. 
As citizens we need to learn to rely on each other. In this exercise we rely on each other to "write in" votes.

The 2015 mock election is a trial balloon. The idea is for the idea to go viral. We just need a few million people to participate for the idea to go viral in 2016.

The number one benefit to this solution is to eliminate political parties. Political parties are the rotten core of corruption in this country. We now have the technology to cut out the middleman, the party. We do not need parties any more. Every candidate has a web site. We no longer need to vote party and planks, but just the people.

The second benefit to this is to eliminate campaigning. Believe it or not, George Washington never campaigned. Back in the day this country was founded campaigning was deemed unseemly. We replace candidate campaigning with citizen promotion.

 This Irreni solution to the 2016 election will not end corruption, but it will take the edge off. The new process will introduce people to the concept of vote banking and daily tallies of winners. The Irreni voting solution promotes citizens getting more involved and taking more responsibility, people governing themselves. Power to the people!


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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