Sunday, May 10, 2015

Irreni Solutions VS Democracy

Hi! h A p P y  S u N d A y ! !

Democracy is dead.

Now what?

What comes after Democracy?

Irreni World Scale does, of course. But why? Should you be afraid? Boo! Should you be afraid of Irreni World Scale is some kind of World Domination plan with Mr. Wonderful laughing maniacally in the middle? Muh ha ha! More importantly when should you be afraid some new form of government or society is masked world domination?


First of all, why is Democracy dead? Democracy is dead because bureaucracy is dead. Bureaucracy is dead because bureaucracy relies on inefficiency to function.
When you have an efficient government, you have a dictatorship.
--Harry S Truman

In an information age era where a new technology like the iPhone can disrupt society virtually overnight then  politics needs to move overnight with it. Bureaucracies are inefficient because of individual titles, power and empire within empire building. In a bureaucracy you do not get rewarded for being efficient. In a bureaucracy being efficient means you get your budget slashed, your headcount cut, your power diminishes and your empire within an empire destroyed.

Democracy is dead because bureaucracy cannot keep up with the pace of technological advancement.
The pace of technological advancement is such that we have guided missiles and misguided men. 
-Dr. Martin Luther King, 1963
Okay, so I've just identified and justified one distinction of doing away with bureaucracies for After Democracy.  However, argument for all of the principle changes are in some respects what this blog is all about so without further adieu then I'll just put forth the other After Democracy principles as I believe them to be:
  1. Self-governing. "The government that governs best governs least because the people govern themselves." -Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson left the thought "because the people govern themselves"  hanging for us. That would be  you-and-me, this generation, was left to fill in the blanks of what self-governing means. 
  2. Everyone education. I refrained from the use of "public education" here because of the political meaning in today's America. The mission of everyone education and public education remains the same: education for all.
  3. Everyone domain. There should exist a domain of property owned by everyone on the Earth, public domain if you will. Everyone information is stored in the everyone domain. The entirety of human knowledge is the legacy of every human yet to be born. The Irreni solution to the everyone domain is the Data Center on the Moon to be managed by the Terran Sea Otter Academy.
  4. Political pace matches technical pace. As technology changes the societal landscape the political processes adapt accordingly in real time.
  5. Everyone quality of life. Quality of life is the objective of the human species everywhere and not a human race. 
  6. Moral diversity. Quality of life means diversity of morality. People are genetically wired with different emotional spaces and capabilities. No more once size fits all such as defining marriage as one woman and one man. 
Irreni World Scale meets the criterion above for a modern social structure that promotes people governing themselves.

  1. Self-governing. Find your tribe is a self-governing structure. People form cells or groups of ten-to-thirty people of the most moral diversity possible. Tribes of tribes form at any scale of people required to do a job. 
  2. Self-governing. Six-degrees of voting. Vote for who you know only. Voting in the modern era is upended. Everyone is given a device of life (DOL) that includes a vote bank. The vote bank is a place to deposit votes, not cast them. Votes are on deposit always the same as money is always on deposit in you bank. Votes are made public such that the network of voting is visible to all. Everyone only votes for who they know. People who have voters voting for them are then considered voting blocks where their vote represents themselves and then again all the voters voting for them. Thus ends political parties. 
  3. Everyone information and domain via  The Data Center on the Moon (DCOTM) and the Terran Sea Otter Academy (TSOA). The moon is declared everyone property, owned by all. All information on the moon is everyone information. The TSOA is responsible for curating all the everyone data and everyone information stored on the moon. All future generations of people inherit an information legacy. Fantastic! 
  4. Political pace via the Real Time Project Pool. Say goodbye to corporations and bureaucracies and hello to projects. Projects will need large organizations. The key difference is that projects end and the large groups are made up of tribes of tribes and not political appointees or individual titles. Innovation of social adaption of new technology happens on a massive scale of experiments carried out slowly over 100 years. One million innovated social experiments over 100 years yields a total number of successful innovations that cannot be matched today. Innovate at a slow pace and full speed ahead by massive amounts of experiments over a long time.
  5. Everyone quality of life is encapsulated in the Sexy Quality of Life, OI and COx principles of Irreni. The Sexy Quality of life states that we all are obligated to promote the kind of society we want to live in.  The Opportunity Importance (OI) principle affords everyone the right to equal importance of quality of life. The COx principle states that life is for the living and not the dead or the voices of the past, voices of gods, the supernatural or space aliens. Human life is by humans first and only. 
  6. Moral diversity is promoted via the Information Rule. The Information Rule replaces the Golden Rule. We no longer treat people as we wish to be treated, moral homogeneity, but instead treat people as they are, moral heterogeneity. 

Fantastic! The above is a framework upon which to build the future. Irreni means [I]nnovation [r]eplaces [r]evolution, [e]ngineering [n]ot [i]deology.  Irreni solutions represent an ever changing, fast paced political landscape that can keep up with the times.


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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