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Irreni Solutions VS Non-Scalable Solutions

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Let us ponder for a second two non-scalable solutions recently in the news:

  • Parenting
  • Police body cameras


Parenting became a rioting solution during the looting of Baltimore. Parenting became a looting solution when a mother was video taped disciplining her teenage son on camera. Everyone cheered, Huzza!

Immediately following was a viral video by a black women who suggested that the problem wasn't the police but rather the black parents who were not teaching their kids respect by "putting their foot so far up their kid's ass they choked on it."

So why is parenting a non-scalable solution to the police problem?

Where does a parent learn to be a good parent? From their parents, of course. Which is the scalable problem. You see, the black gal in the video saying the problem with blacks looting today is blacks parents themselves didn't take into account scale, the scale of multiple generations. Black families were deliberately and systemically broken asunder for hundreds of years. That is the culture. The problem with impoverished black families is systemic.

Why isn't Christianity the source of parenting morality for the black community? And even more telling is why white Christians aren't helping black Christians in this regard? Polling reveals that blacks are even more religious than whites in this country? The morality of Christianity can't even pierce skin color. The whites would rather condemn their fellow black Christians than help them. I find this disgusting. How often do we atheists get told religion is the source of morality? Christianity is the source of morality? One could never discern this when it comes to the poverty and family problems in the black community. One is forced to admit there is no less introspective and reflective group than Christians. Here is a Christian community, the black community, that could be embraced by other Christian communities with open arms and understanding as fellow Christians. Instead white community reaction to Baltimore was typical,  judgmental and full of condemnation of their fellow Christians. Christianity is one big failure as a source of morality, parenting or otherwise.

So, should parents be sticking their foot up kids asses to teach respect? When I was in UC Berkeley graduate school I learned a surprising statistic: 50% of all UC Berkeley graduate students were legacy students. Here I thought as a public school the graduate school would just be merit based. Ha! Smart parents do raise smart kids though. PhD parents raise PhD kids. How many parents in states like say Indiana where I grew up raise PhD kids? Even more important is how many PhD parents raising PhD kids do so by sticking their foot up their kids ass to teach them respect? Fear is a short-term game only. The long game involves opportunity and risk of losing that opportunity. If a child perceives they have no opportunities then fear is no longer an effective means of teaching. Fear becomes part of the game.

The scalable solution to poverty and criminal kids is opportunity. We know this. We've known this for generations now. And yet what gets national media attention and goes viral is the stick only, the stick without the carrot. Smack your kid.

So why is parenting a non-scalable solution to the police problem? It is not that parenting that is non-scalable, rather the notion that fear-only parenting is non-scalable, the notion that bad parenting goes back one generation is non-scalable.

Parenting is far more involved than just fear-disciplining your kid. You need to opportunity your kid and that is where low income and impoverished neighborhoods always come up short. That is why people who were exposed to opportunity as kids lose perspective condemning those who never had any. Have some humility people.

Police Body Cameras

In a previous post I wrote about the scalability of police cameras as a solution:

We, as a country, need to get beyond instant gratification, knee jerk reaction  fixing things. Imagine if you had a race with only one horse. It wouldn't matter how fast that horse ran, it wins! There is no competition! Maybe cameras will work but how will we know if different camera programs could work so much better with only one large government contract camera program in the race?

I bring up the police body cameras because last week Hillary Clinton came out stating she supports all police in the US wearing body cameras. What's missing in this assessment and our national introspection is any concept of scale that we in software, computing and Silicon Valley take for granted. You don't roll out a program on a large scale without innovation. You always throw out your first prototype. Rolling out police cameras at a national level without first experimenting at the local level and state level is the best way to ensure failure or if not outright failure then the worst possible results.


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

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Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

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