Friday, May 29, 2015

Irreni Solutions VS Robert Reich

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This is an open letter to Robert Reich.

Robert Reich has been publishing 10 ways to make the economy work for the many and not the few. Kudos for trying!  Today was #7, bring back the Unions.

I posted an Irreni Solutions comment:

Unions pre-date the global economy and are obsolete in the world today. The idea of what Unions represent needs to radically change to still be relevant. So much so then why even call the idea Unions? Unless Unions can legally span country borders the same way 30 years of legislation have enabled cross-border businesses then Unions are just a pipe dream. The world has changed since 1950 people. What the world needs is Irreni World Scale. 

The biggest threat to Democracy today is scale. What worked for 10 million people in 1789 doesn't work for 300 million people in 2015.

The solutions provided by Robert Reich give the impression that Reich is suffering from a guilty conscience. Perhaps he feels guilty about the repeal of Glass-Steigel during the Clinton years? Who knows? The reason I get the impression the perspective that Reich is coming from is a guilty conscience is that his solutions, such as bringing back the Unions, are dominated about reinstating what was and not meeting the challenges of today. Irreni World Scale has a different perspective: applying Silicon Valley solutions of scale to political scale.

Warren Buffet was on the Daily Show some time last year and said something that left me Irreni World Scale dumbfounded and pleased. I do not have the precise quote but Buffet said something to the effect that "535 people in Washington cannot govern 400 million people. That's just a ridiculous notion to start with."

Reich's "10 ways" defy the reality that since 1950 the population has more than doubled. Irreni Solutions brings a Silicon Valley perspective to politics: scale. In Silicon Valley we know that what works at one scale needs revised when things double or triple. Scale is the hidden problem that underlies all our fundamental problems of the day, including corruption.

The scale I am referring to is not just population scale but also technological scale. Google and Facebook now have more users than either China or India have people population. We are in a world race to see which company can acquire all the world's population as users. Every single one of us. Think about that for a second.

Irreni World Scale is to politics what science is to reality. Science uses the scientific method to model facts about reality that enable technologies to control the physical world. Irreni uses the scientific method to model wants about society to control the political world. Irreni is a process to scale politics.

Here is my open letter solution as a counter proposal to Unions, Tribes.

The Tribe solutions is as follows:
  1. Individuals can no longer be hired, taxed, or helped directly by the government,  only tribes. 
  2. Tribes represent 30 people. 
  3. Tribes include a percentage of non-productive folks that cannot work.
  4. Tribes are responsible financially for everyone in the tribe. Governments no longer work directly with those who cannot do for themselves. 
  5. Tribes are monitored for efficacy and those tribes that fail to take care of their tribe members are reformulated. 
In the Tribe model the job goes away. Think of each Tribe as a new company of thirty people. That company has by-laws, human resources and the full benefits of being like any other C corp. today. Tribes represent what are known as professional services today. When a professional service company is contracted today the contract is for a service, not a person. As long as the service is provided then the contract obligation is met.

Why the Tribe model? Back in the 1950s there was this concept of the "bread-winner". What a weird word, bread-winner, when in fact the father was the wage earner. Anyway, the idea was that a company assumed that the wage being paid was to support a family, not just the father doing the work. This bread-winner notion has fallen away. The Tribe reinstates this bread-winner notion but at a slightly larger scale of 30 people. Further more the Tribe is self-selected whereas a family is not, excepting that tribes must be formulated to a percentage of non-productive members. Regulations exist regarding the formulation of a Tribe in that unproductive elderly, children, ex-cons, handicapped and those of limited opportunity must make up a percentage of the tribe. Fairness then is not built into wages but Tribe formulation. All Tribes must bear the burden financially of the non-productive. Think of this as quick-sort, divide and conquer. Divide the financial responsibility of the unproductive.

The Tribe model addresses the elderly productivity problem. Today the elderly are either retired or they work full-time. The Tribe model is services based only. This means any elderly that can work just ten hours-per-week can still contribute to the Tribe. The Tribe has incentive to train the elderly whereas today there is no incentive to take on the risk and the healthcare costs of the elderly by paying them a wage.

Will the Tribe model work? Why 30 people? Why not 100? The answer to these questions is this: Irreni defines a process for answering these questions and not for providing the answers. To answer the Tribe questions Irreni demands that massive experiments be run in parallel using the scientific method. Perhaps some Tribes have 30 people, others 100. Experiments are run for long periods of time,  on the order of 100 years, and eventually new models of efficacy prevail from the scientific method being applied to social experiments.

Reich's notion of 10 ways to improve the economy by returning to what was once working does not address the fundamental reasons why things in the past were changed these last 30 years to begin with: corruption. However, corruption itself is not the most fundamental problem with why things are failing. The most fundamental problem is scale; scale of population and scale of technological advancement. What works at 100 million in 1950 doesn't work at 300 million in 2015. What works prior to the Internet doesn't work after the Internet. We are now in the Information Age. Soon either Google or Facebook will have 7 billion users, far more than any nation will boast.

Irreni World Scale meets the scale challenge head on by applying the scientific method to the wants of 7 billion people for modeling society to control the political world the same way science treats facts for modeling technology to control the physical world.

Welcome to the Information Age, Robert Reich!

Welcome to Irreni World Scale!


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!


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