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Irrenis Solutions VS Climate Change

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It is hard to imagine a problem greater than climate change. Addressing the problems of climate change is going to require world cooperation, world scale.

Where there is a will there is a way, or so the saying goes.

The will of a people to solve a problem must exist prior to implementing any solution. We lack that will today.

For example, are we willing to give up eating meat? You can Google the web for climate change and vegetarian diet to learn the dramatic impact going vegetarian will have on climate change. Yet we lack the will to go vegetarian. Our  collective, world will then is a bigger problem than climate change. If there is no collective, world will then there is no world change. Suffice it to say then as a people we will go extinct before we go vegetarian.

Is there any hope of change?

Let's first make it clear where there is no hope for change; our current collective governments and religion.

Religion is far more concerned with being self-righteous than providing solutions and hence can be dismissed outright as a source of will. In fact, religion is anti-will because all of the major religions that account for most of the billions on this Earth embrace an end times. Billions of people subscribe to a notion that the end times are nigh. Religion will provide no will for solving climate change and on the contrary provide resistance as people subscribe to prophecy the end is near.

Our current collective governments are too petty to implement a world will. Our collective governments suffer from a "you first", first-grade playground attitude when it comes to carbon emissions and common efforts. Global cooperation is required for sustained climate management and will not come from our collective current governments worldwide, ever.

That covers where there is no hope.

Is there any hope for change?

Yes. Imagine for a second that Irreni is well underway. This means everyone on the planet has a Device of Life (DOL). One of the DOL's primary purposes is the Vote Bank. The vote bank is where we all publicly vote on issues. Another of the DOL's primary purposes is the Real-time Project Pool (RTPP). The RTPP subplants bureaucracies and replaces them with projects. As humans worldwide we can vote our collective will. Worldwide we could vote for a worldwide project to become vegetarian to manage climate change. These projects are only tangentially supported by the government. The real force beyond the RTPP is us, we the people, having a worldwide conversation. We start sharing experiences and methods for switching to vegetarian. This is the Internet on steroids.

In the above example our collective will is made apparent for all to see and act on. The government which governs best governs least because the people govern themselves. We start governing ourselves with less-and-less government dependence en masse as the DOL becomes the super-project highway for worldwide collaboration between peoples, one-at-time.

Is there any hope for change?

Yes. Let us continue to imagine that Irreni is even further underway and there now exists another one of twenty, Irreni big fancy pants ideas: the Virtual Environment Reality You (VERY). The VERY is a worldwide bazaar and a worldwide commons where anyone can meet-and-greet anyone else in the world. Some combination of streaming-video and avatars are used to provide 7 billion people a virtual space where we can all teleport instantly to any place imaginable. In this measure we can now literally become a world community.

Are you ready for hope and change?

Yeah, that was Obama's campaign slogan. Obama was appealing to a very real instinct we all feel in our bones today; we need serious change to have any hope. We cannot get ahead by staying even. Technology has rapidly advanced on so many fronts last century and yet our politics and social environs are still predominantly pre-19th century.

Radical change is required if we want to meet worldwide problems such as climate change. But how? Radical change in the past meant revolution and yet revolution like what is happening in the Middle-East requires a scorched Earth before things can be built anew. Can the world really afford a scorched Earth revolution in the United States? Absolutely not.

What the world needs for hope and change is Irreni: innovation replaces revolution, engineering not ideology. Innovation requires a multitude of experiments running in parallel where the best ones win. That is not revolution, but gradual experience coupled with science. We need to have global conversations with each other, one-on-one about our hopes and dreams for the futures and then one-on-one support projects that bring to fruition those dreams, such as being good stewards of planet Earth for ourselves and our children. This is not ideology but shared interests.

Is there any hope for change? Yes, but not by standing still with today's political, religious and social structures. We need to radically reposition a world with worldwide coordination that is unprecedented in both necessity and capability.

Welcome to Irreni World Scale!


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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