Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Breaking Bad! Breaking Bread, I mean Breaking Bread!

Hi! Happy Wednesday!

These last few posts no one would give you cause for concern if you wryly opined that Irreni World Scale is all about getting us together to talk.

I mean, conversations equal consensus has been the tag line.

Today we are going to go one step farther and dance together. See what I did there? Get it? One step farther and dance together? ha!

Irreni is all about people governing themselves. Because the alternative is all of human history. Oh sure, Democracy has elevated the few doing the ruling of the many to realizing an unprecedented freedom of the many never before seen in history. But still, capitalism has always preyed upon slavery, cheap labor and requires oppression of an underclass. It has too. So, today we choose to move on.

The next Irreni step in conversations equal consensus is breaking bad. I mean breaking bread. Dang it. ha! T.V. has rotted my mind. lol.

We live in an unprecedented time in human existence. We are no longer in a human race. We are no longer the human race. We've won. What does that mean? That means the few of us, the very few, can feed and shelter the rest at almost no cost and so the year 2000 marked the year of quality of life.

We are now in the quality of life era of human existence. Irreni embraces this by assuming food and shelter for all, food and shelter safety for all.

So let us break bread together, daily.

The Human Quality Principle is one of the 20 big fancy pants ideas of Irreni and simply states the human race is over, we've won. We are now in the quality of life era of human existence.

The Sexy Principle of Human Quality says what comes next: we each are responsible for telling each other the ideal kind of life we want to live. We then get together as the people governing ourselves and make it happen. Of course the contradictions, contra-positions and moral oppositions will need to be worked out. What this means is there will be gun-free tribes and gun-toting tribes. Each tribe will see the other as antithetical and perhaps even morally evil. But, and here's the big butt, butt we all agree to disagree and give each other space and thus govern ourselves. We have too or, or, we need a ruling class. Those be our choices. Ruling classes don't scale and by that I mean they require oppression and exploitation of some one, some where.

So, the Sexy Principle means we all get together and speak our piece about the kind of lives we want to live. And then by golly we plan to make it happen to the fullest extent possible. We agree to get along by not getting along where necessary. I'm an atheist. You're religious. We get together just enough to work it out. And break bad at daily meals.

And where it all begins is breaking bad. I mean breaking bread. Every nook and cranny on this here rock we call planet Earth is provided with food and shelter for all. Imagine, if you will, food tents all around the world. Everyone is encouraged to come and share meals and conversation. Further the tents are equally divided in space between chowing down and chewing each other's arm off. Soap boxes abound in sunset field evenings where we get together to face-to-face express our desires.

But think of it. Once this kicks off then cultures are centered around sharing not just conversations, but food. Dancing, cooking, music, arts and all kinds of get together events would eventually follow. The act of expressing the kind of culture we want becomes a focus of expressing that very culture.

As we all get together to share meals and culture then the social clashes will happen as they always do. When it does though, we develop processes for getting along. For example, in business there is a thing called Robert's Rules of Order. Boring. Yeah, we don't want to use that but instead we develop similar processes for getting along and for governing our we the people disagreements.

Person by person, meal by meal we develop as a people to get along together. And we harken in a new era of people learning to govern themselves.

How exciting! Combine breaking bread with the V.E.R.Y., virtual environment, reality you,  and we the people of two brand new public commons to commence our we the people communication and governing.

And, that's not all! In addition to breaking bread and the V.E.R.Y., there is a we the people project: The Data Center on the Moon (DCOTM). The Data Center on the Moon is a project akin to the I.S.S., the International Space Station. Only with the DCOTM case everyone gets involved in the project.

Irreni World Scale leap-frogs our existing government processes by completely skipping over revolutions of central governments and leaps straight to innovations of everyday we the people governing ourselves.

Kick ass. Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm. It doesn't get any more exciting than we the people expressing our many flavored personalities in all their full bloom and recording them on the Data Center on the Moon.

People expressing themselves in full bloom recorded on the Data Center on the Moon. And that, my friends, is how we romance the Data Center on the Moon.


Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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