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Corruption Voting, Auction Power

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The last couple of Irreni posts have been about hugely, greatly and vastly increasing the power of our vote franchise.

This post follows that trend.

Corruption voting solves a problem the founders who wrote the U.S. Constitution couldn't figure out.

"Whoa be the day the voters realize they can vote themselves money."
-John Adams
The people who founded this country would be absolutely amazed at our state of technological advancement. Amazed. How can our success in technology not amaze? On the flip side, they would be absolutely disappointed at our politics. Our politics today have not advanced since 1789. In fact, we have regressed if one looks at , God on the money, God in a pledge, Faith-based initiatives and other encroachments religion has made into establishing footholds in the government. Our national motto use to be E Pluribus Unum (from many one). Irreni is dedicated to our original motto, E Pluribus Unum, and dispels, yet again, In God We Trust. We need to go back politically to where we started: E Pluribus Unum. How sad it is that our politics are retrograde. 

However, I think  the founders would be mostly disappointed in our lack of desire to solve a fundamental problem they couldn't fix: voters voting themselves money.

Strictly from a mathematical perspective this problem was actually solved even before 1789.  The premise goes something like this: give everyone a salary of a million dollars per year and then a million dollars becomes meaningless.

Corruption voting as imagined by Irreni World Scale opens up the field of corruption to every single person on the planet. Corruption is such a problem today because currently only a handful of politicians need to be bribed. Corruption has real value. Corruption voting dilutes corruption by enabling corruption across the board. Think of corruption voting this way: today our votes are diluted due to the scale of voting: millions of votes. We are going to apply this dilution to corruption.

Problem solved. Voting yourself money becomes moot when everyone is being bribed.

The implementation of corruption voting requires the Irreni Vote Bank and public voting. Every vote bought becomes a matter of public record. This sets up in effect an auction. The Koch brothers offer to pay you $100 to cast a vote in a vote-chain that elects their candidate. That $100 dollars becomes the opening bid for someone else to counter and potentially a bidding war ensues. The rich cancel each other out. Everyone gets a million dollars in corruption money.

Corruption is a part of human nature. Cicero pointed out that the fall of democracy in Rome was due in no small part to a system that did not account for corruption. Our system of government today has a very weak form of corruption capacity: co-equal branches of government.

Since corruption is at the very core of human nature it will play out and in a fervid frenzy. Neutralizing corruption is the way to go and not some unrealistic belief that people are above corruption that we have today.

There will always be people willing to bribe and people who have more interest in money than politics. Corruption is always personal and has no ideology for people to form a movement behind other than the money itself. The votes these people cast will cancel out because the field of people willing to buy votes and willing to be bought will be statistically arbitrary.

But that's not all. Six-degrees of voting introduces a new twist to corruption voting. Candidates who garner the most voters will do so because of large voting blocks. If someone in a chain of votes takes a bribe to switch votes then they are at risk of all their supporters changing votes for them because of the corruption. Peer pressure and shame come into direct play with people you know. Six-degrees brings into play a new set of checks-and-balances because corruption has a natural check, a check that is as fundamental to human nature as corruption itself: shame and peer pressure.

In six-degrees of voting any person can represent a large voting block of voters. Changing a vote may mean they lose the block. In order to ensure a bribe has the effect then the bribe may need to be filtered down. For example, assume Sally represents one million voters as a block. People all over the US have come to trust Sally's voting for candidates. Sally really wants to take a bribe contingent on her being able to continue to deliver those million votes.  Sally then begins a process of spreading the million dollars within her block to ensure cohesion and the bribe becomes diluted.

The vote bank, public voting and corruption voting when combined together fixes the problem with people voting themselves money by paying them that money up front for the vote itself. Corruption is now spread amongst all the voters and the corruption dollar becomes as diluted and worthless as our votes  are diluted and worthless today in the existing system.


Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

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