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Group Hug! The Right to Individual Currency

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So I kinda have a theme going here.

For two days now I have presented a single lesson to take away from Irreni.

Two days ago I stated politics today needs new bottom-up systems to balance top-down politics. One person, one vote has run its course and is no longer effective. Today's representative in Congress represents close to one million American voters. One person, one vote is nonsense. A Senator from the great state of California represents 30 million voters. Pick an issue, any issue, and that representative will find millions on any side of the issue. A Senator can ignore all voters equally and still find support.

Yesterday I presented another single lesson to take away from Irreni: designs don't automatically scale. What works at one order of magnitude doesn't work at another order of magnitude. Sometimes you can tweak a design with small innovations but that may come at the price of changing the infrastructure surrounding the design. Then again, sometimes a design won't scale at all and needs to be replaced.

Both lessons above were presented using technology and the principles of computer science as applied to politics.

Now I'd like to walk you through how we in Silicon Valley solve problems. After all this Irreni World Scale is not just about identifying problems, but providing solutions as well.

We use science. In technology we use science, not dogma, to inform our design solutions. It may surprise you to know that in fact the science for software is not just about with the science of computers, but the science of human nature as well. Software engineering is heavily invested in human usability, humans using software. Computer colleges all over the world work collaboratively with the cognitive sciences including psychology to design software. We do this to make software usable.

"Usability is like oxygen, you never notice it until it is missing."

At the most fundamental of human nature our brains distinguish us from other animals in three key aspects: tools, social groups and language. One of these three, social groups, is key to solving the bottom-up design flaw with democracy today.

When I look at the design flaw of scaling voting as a bottom-up system then I see a social group problem. One person, one vote doesn't scale as a social group design because there are millions of voters that are voting for a single individual. Every vote is just statistical noise.

So how do we come up with a bug fix?  Let us examine what one person, one vote means.

  1. Franchise is power. People who can vote have power, those cannot vote do not. Dilute the single vote enough and all franchise is lost for everyone.
  2. Candidates cannot get to know one million voters. At the scale of one million voters candidates can only be sold.
  3. Political parties formed immediately after one person, one vote was implemented. These parties help people vote for groups of like minded people as a hedge against not knowing the candidate. Today, two political parties cannot represent 300 million voters. It is a ludicrous idea to think they can.
Looking at the above three traits of one person, one vote then let us see if we can devise a new bottom-up system that re-establishes power from the bottom-up.

First we try to innovate, meaning we will make some minor changes. If that doesn't work then we will replace.

Unfortunately we have to fast-forward here given this is a blog post.  I'm going to skip over the long, boring details of how we get to the solution and just present the solution: individual currency.

The solution is we swap out the method of franchise. Think of this as redesigning the automobile by swapping out the carburetor in the design of a car with a fuel injector. A carburetor was too general in its design where one carburetor controlled the mixture for all the cylinders. Fuel injection was invented as a way to essentially have one carburetor per cylinder.  The main point of this automobile metaphor is that a carburetor and a fuel injector have the same purpose, mixing fuel,  but are completely different in form.  We are going to replace one form of franchise, voting, with another form of franchise, currency. Voting and currency are both franchises, just of a different form.

We use currency as a new form of franchise by implementing a new right, a  mathematical assumption, so as to scale franchise. Our new assumption  that every individual is allowed the right to individual currency. Everyone is allowed to print their own money. Further more governments are not allowed to tax any currency the government does not itself issue. This means everyone's individual currency is tax free! We support our government by trading in government currency as much as possible, and conversely protest our government by trading as little as possible. 

The practicality of everyone printing their own money is possible with computers. That is because we don't need to print money. No, all we need is a handheld computer with accounts. All individual currency exchanges can be done with a simple iPhone app. Easy peasy.

In 1789 there were no computers. The fact that every State had their own currency in 1789 was an ugly mess. So the founders prohibited such a thing. It made sense back then. Now we have computers, in our hands.  Nowadays currency trading of all kinds for all countries is accomplished every second of every day by computers. Having hundreds of currencies in play is nothing for computers. Having millions will also be nothing for computers. Currency exchange is simple arithmetic.

Computers solve the logistical problem of an abundance of currencies.

But what about taxes? Why would anyone trade in government currency?

Let's bring it home now. Let's talk social groups and fundamental human nature. Prior to 1900 upwards of 90% of all Americans grew their own food. Think about it. Transportation of goods was limited to horses and trains. Then after 1900 along comes the automobile, aircraft and container ships. By the year 2000 only 2% of the world's population is feeding the other 98%. The means 98% of us are dependent on the other 2% for food. When anthropologists state that social groups fundamentally differentiate our brains from other animals social this is what they mean where billions of us rely on a very small fraction of that billions to feed us all. No other animal comes close to this kind of social group dependency.

This social group fact of human nature is important to the viability of individual currency adoption and to the usability of an individual currency. You wouldn't be alone if your first impression of individual currency is that it wouldn't work because it means no one would ever pay taxes again, right? After all why trade in a government currency when you can have your own tax-free currency?

Well, guess what? The 2% of us that feed the other 98% world are going to need to trade in government currency because THEY DON'T KNOW US SO AS TO TRUST OUR INDIVIDUAL CURRENCY. The upshot is that your right to individual currency will be a local right. Individual currency will be a small amount of franchise power that we each can use to influence the top-down design of politics. We will literally vote with our wallets.

For sure there will be small groups of people that like the Amish will go off the grid, so to speak. But that won't be most of us. Most of us want iPhones, computers, Facebook and food of all varieties grown around the world. The list of social group dependencies that we will all want is vast and will inhibit people from largely trading in anything other than government currency.

If we look back at the list above of three traits of voting then can we can see how the right to individual currency addresses these traits?
  1. Money is power as a franchise. That's obvious. 
  2. Individual currency will be fundamentally local. Strangers won't trust your currency. 
  3. Making the right of currency an individual right means the rich and powerful cannot consolidate private currencies into just two currencies the same way political parties consolidate votes to just two parties. Right on.
What this means is that individual currency will allow us all to exercise just a little power, a little franchise to nip at the heels of our central, corrupted, top-down power today. But only nip because we are so dependent on each other. Individual currencies will never provide the kinda trust for loans and commerce the way government backed currency can. In fact individual currencies may only account for 1-2% of GDP given 2% of the world feeds 98%, but that will be enough to get Washington's attention and support the one person, one vote franchise that we have today.

The right to individual currency is just one of twenty, Irreni World Scale big fancy pants ideas. It represents a new bottom-up system design change that is meant to adjust franchise for scale. It is additive and not a replacement for voting. In other words, individual currency doesn’t replace one person, one vote. Individual currency is another franchise for democracy.

Irreni World Scale does have new systems of voting to address the specific problem with dilution of one-person, one-vote: specifically using a new vote bank; using a new voting process called six-degrees voting; and changing private voting to public voting. But explaining all that will have to wait for another blog post.

Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. Irreni World Scale is calling for massive scientific experiments to prove all claims of social change. This call for massive scientific experiments even applies to Irreni itself and includes enforcing experiments for the right to individual currency. These new Irreni ideas need to be proven to be true with science by conducting experiments and refining things as they fail and so on.


Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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