Monday, July 6, 2015

Irreni VS Greece and No Solutions

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Greece is all the hot topic these days now isn't it. Everyone is staring in the face  of the hard cold political fact that there just are no political solutions.

Greece interests me because Greece is a case of scale. Whatever Greece ends up being, it didn't scale in its current form.

At this precise moment Greece is kinda like cloud watching. Everyone sees what they want to see, what they imagine. I see chocolates, you see a bunny rabbit. Recently I saw an Internet meme that stated Greece's fate will be the fate of the US if Bernie Sanders is elected President. After all, Bernie Sanders is a socialist. Such a silly pattern to apply because one failed socialist state doesn't make for a statistical case. Not even close. Most of Europe is socialist in some form or another as well as most of the Nordic countries. Many socialist countries are world ranked as the best places on Earth to live. Still, many conservative Americans see Greece as the ultimate outcome of liberal politics: lazy citizens and people wanting everything for free.

For me the cloud called Greece represents one of a growing trend of modern failed states due to no political solutions. Greece is a cloud that looks a lot like Arab spring states after their revolution. There just are no political answers. As time goes on we are going to see a world with ever increasing numbers of failed states that weren't failed yesterday:  Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Iraq and now Greece to name a few. Why? Because politics no longer works because it no longer scales. Politics based on the old ideas of democracy, socialism, communism and even authoritarianism just don't scale. Every single one of these is failed, completely. The US is not a democracy, but a corruption state. For all you nitpickers out there when I say democracy, I mean what every democracy anywhere means: representative, republic democracy and not direct democracy. The head can no longer govern the body as defined by the very word politics. There are no bloody answers for governing because none of the political ideas have a bottom up approach to decision making that scales. All political ideologies are just top down politics that have run their course.

In other words, Greece is a cloud where I see a perfect case to made for Irreni: revolutions can be made today but there are no after-revolution answers. Irreni represents the "political future" with decision making from the bottom up being built out. If the people start making enough of the decisions then top-down politics will function again. You say you want a new American revolution to combat corruption, but what would you get afterwards?

I'd also like to look in the cloud that is Greece and see another Greece that happened in Europe not to long ago. You may not recall. Let me jog your memory. The other Greece was called East Germany.

After the WALL came down in Germany in 1989 there was a huge question: was West Germany going to be taken down by East Germany or could East Germany be built up to match West Germany? The money at that time is that it would be impossible for West Germany to take on that much of an economic deficit and still come out ahead. East Germany would bring down West Germany.

And yet? West Germany did it. The "Greece" of 1990s was East German and yet today no one talks about there being any economic distinction between the two sides of Germany.

Germany could do for Greece what Germany did for East Germany. East Germany was communist for many years.

So what is the difference between Greece of today and East Germany of 1989? Culture. Culture is the difference. And time. 2015 is not 1989. Addressing culture  and the new information era are key to the Irreni process.

In the coming weeks and months people like me are going to look at Greece and see what they want. But ask yourself these questions: what will work? What comes after a revolution? Why was communist East Germany so ably be managed by West Germany in 1989 but now socialist Greece cannot be managed by Germany today?


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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