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Matrix not Email

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Sometimes when people ask me what Irreni is I joke that it is peopleware, an operating system for people.

Irreni is an operating system for people.  The joke is that people treat our US constitution with religious-like emotional attachment. Blah. The US Constitution is just code. The joke is people treat the US Constitution as something other than code. I use Linux as my OS and I'm not emotionally attached to Linux as my computer OS. I just don't like wasting my time on Windows cruft. I am emotionally attached to my time. However, in my life I've used SUSE, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, VAX-VMS, DOS, IRIX, Unix, Free BSD, Berkeley BSD. And now I use Android on my phone.

In my mind people should be treating people operating systems (POS) exactly the same way we treat computer OS systems, with detachment. There should be many  competing POS. And, different operations systems for different scales. The OS on my phone, Android, is not the same OS on my laptop, Linux.

If Irreni has any success at all then Irreni should just be one of what will be  a long list of POS available for people to try out and use. The POS should constantly being upgraded, a new release per year and patches in between.

Anyway, I got off topic. Today's blog post is about "Matrix not Email".

To date my blog posts and Irreni have been about catching up our peopleware. Irreni posts have been about upgrading from 1789 to 2015.

This blog post is a little different. This blog post advances a recent technology, email. Email is the single most import vehicle for communication today. And yet email, like the US Constitution, is sorely in need of a massive upgrade.

This is that upgrade.

Recently I started using Google's "Inbox" version of "Gmail". The hype around Google "Inbox" gave the impression that Google was re-inventing email. Ha ha. All Google did was bolt a few minor features to "Gmail". What I'm about to propose is not that. This is a whole hog replacement.

When people think of computers ruling the world I would guess that the first image people conjure is The Terminator and Judgment Day. The robots gain consciousness and decide we humans are not worth it, or that humans are a threat to computers, and attempt to kill us all.

The reality is that The Matrix is infinitely more likely. All computers today are still very simple switches. Even Quantum computers are at 1's and 0's. The easiest path to consciousness is not switches. The easiest path to consciousness is the mind-machine interface, The Matrix. The more likely dystopian future is that machines are jacked into human brains and human brains become the CPU and consciousness of the machine. Wait. This topic is email,  not the mind-machine interface.

Dang, got off topic again.

Email sucks because it lacks synchronous synchronicity. The Irreni replacement for email and all other forms of electronic communication is called PARI, personal augmented romantic intelligence.

PARI in the simplest terms is an answering service. Doctors, lawyers and other professionals on call 24/7 hire answering services to screen calls. PARI does the same thing.

PARI is both synchronous and asynchronous. PARI manages IM, texting, chat, phone calls, emails and other kinds of communication. The easiest way to think of PARI is in terms of two metaphors, the human heart and the human digestive system.

PARI synchronous communication is the heart of the matter. The "romantic" in PARI means a personality, a programmed personality. Actors and celebrities of the day start creating voice overs and personalities for answering services. All synchronous communication either handled by your directly or indirectly are recorded by PARI and turned to text. This text then becomes part of your asynchronous digestive tract.

All synchronous communication is logged and converted to asynchronous communication. Think of this as the stomach. This is the first organ in a chain of organs designed to digest communication.

Email, or asynchronous communication, is digested as well. All conversations are stored as a simple text document on your file system. In other words, you email is no longer caught in the amber of the email system itself. All communication of email or other avenues of electronic communication are time-stamp interleaved into conversation files. Think of these files like attachments. Attachments are digested today in that they are only part of an email for transport until they are safely saved as files. Attachments stored in the stomach of today's email systems can easily clog the system and give that system a stomach ache such that your email stops digesting anything because your email account is full. No space left. 

All conversation files intended for human consumption are stripped  all the technical information required for replying, forwarding and creating email itself when read by humans. This makes conversation files like reading a book. Just text. And recall that synchronous communications are digested as well. This means all the conversation modes of phone, chat, text, email and what not are rolled up into conversation files. The PARI system keeps a separate technical conversation for itself that contains all the technical information required for communication applications.

This means that one of the PARI main functions is to technically manage communication application interfacing with any conversation. All applications have equal reach into any communication in a conversation independent of the application that initially inserted the communication for digestion. PARI is your answering service. Text, email, voice mail and all communication pathways are managed as one.

Now that's revolutionizing email.

But that's not all! But wait, there's more!

The PARI is responsible for aggregating or digesting all communication from all applications into streams of conversations. That's the first leap.

The PARI second leap is the tie in to information. If you have ever used Wikipedia then you know that Wikepia has hyper-links within each document that points more information. PARI will do the same. When reading your daily digests of all your communications across all your apps PARI will include different perspectives like dictionary and Wikepdia perspective. Turn on a perspective and now your conversations become enriched with knowledge. Wow! Dictionaries and Wikipedia are just two generic information sources. One can imagine if one were a doctor then medical dictionaries and medical references would be necessary perspectives. The number of perspectives are as endless as our reference sources of information. PARI will be function so as to include any perspective information into further communication, creating a single interface for research rather than bopping to the web and back to email.

Wait, that's not all!

PARI is crucial for two other big fancy pants ideas included in Irreni World Scale. PARI is the query interface into the Data Center on the Moon. In this mode PARI is no longer considered PARI, but just ARI. The Data Center on the Moon is not personal. The reason for it not being personal is that ARI manages conversations for all humans and in doing so correlates and enriches queries for information. Think of this as Google SEO but without the advertising tie ins. ARI is so much more than just keywords though. ARI is conversations. ARI is a third leap over today's search engines; conversations and not just keywords.

But wait! there's even more!

PARI ties into the VERY. The Virtual Environment, Reality You is key piece of Irreni I've yet to touch upon. The best way to think of the VERY is like the movie, "The Matrix". Everyone has virtual them in the VERY. One and only one. The rules of the VERY are as much like Earth as possible. This will make the interface intuitive. The big exception will be teleportation. Everyone can teleport. Instantly. The thrust of the VERY is to support trade and voting. We can all meet in the VERY to trade goods and have conversations about life.

The PARI fourth leap is in the VERY itself. Everyone in the VERY is allowed to have an answering service avatar, their PARI. It is easy to imagine that once inside the VERY then celebrities and other famous people might be overwhelmed with people teleporting in to meet them. This is where the answering service comes in. Before teleporting to someone  you will need approval by the answering service (or the person in question if the answer the request for teleport).

PARI is like the previous blog posts respecting voting in that increases franchise power. PARI improves conversations and conversations equal consensus. Everyone having better communication means everyone has more power. Couple PARI with the VERY and now anyone on the planet can easily talk to anyone else without physical constraints. Power to the people.

Initially PARI doesn't really replace email. Instead PARI is a communication engine designed to manage or digest all synchronous and asynchronous electronic communication into conversations that can then be reformulated for any communication device and protocol.  Ultimately email is just an unnecessary middleman. The PARI becomes the interface of all communications as well as the digestive tract turning all forms of communication into conversations.

PARI's final leap is that PARI enables humans to govern themselves. PARI enables us to get to a place where the government that governs least governs best because the people govern themselves and communication is the key to people managing themselves: PARI.


Conversations equal consensus! 

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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