Saturday, July 25, 2015

No Secret Ballots, Public Voting

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Mmmm, the last Irreni blog post was about empowering the voting franchise by six-degrees of voting. Conversations equal consensus.

Today I'm going to further expand that power of your vote with public voting.

Information is power. Secret information is not power. Therefore, here now and forever more let all our votes cast be a matter of public record.

The Vote Bank enables public voting. The Vote Bank will just be another app on your smart phone, your tablet or laptop. The Irreni World Scale solution for hosting the vote bank application is the Device of Life (DOL). The DOL is part smart-phone, part tablet. The DOL also has a protocol to access the Data Center on the Moon (DCOTM).

When I talk to folks about abolishing private ballots the first objection is always on the order of persecution, "my boss might fire me."

  1. Bullies will be bullies, tyrants will be tyrants. If your boss or family member is going to persecute you because of your vote record then odds are they are persecuting you already for a myriad of things. Public voting is not going to induce new bullies or make bullying worse. 
  2. Political leanings are readily apparent. I can have a five minute political conversation with you or anyone else and get a fairly good sense of how they will vote. Even if that sense is wrong it doesn't matter with respect to number 1.) above: bullies will be bullies. If your boss is really going to fire you for your politics then your actual vote is immaterial. Bullies are not exactly renowned for being fair or non-judgemental. 
  3. Public voting encourages conversation. People close to you can look up your voting record and start conversations, good or bad. 
  4. Power is increased when talking about voting. Talking politics has all kinds of negatives associated with it in the public mind. Power always cuts both ways so public voting is our way of saying that all things considered, the negative risks are worth the positive of talking politics. 
  5. Six-degrees voting. Irreni World Scale changes the way we vote. We don't vote for candidates directly, not any more. Instead we vote for people who we know. This is crucial when it comes to power dynamics. Say someone comes after you for a vote you cast. Well, first you can say, "I trust this person." Second, and most importantly, horse trading comes back into the picture. When voting for who you know it will be natural to say, "I'm voting for Bob on this issue so that Bob will vote for Mary on that issue." 
  6. Polls are dead. Polls are no longer needed. On any given issue every single person 24 hours/day, 7 days/week has a vote to cast. No polling. On any given issue people can register a public vote. All votes are public.
  7. Corruption voting. I'm going to cover corruption voting in my next post. For now think of corruption voting as cutting out the middleman. Instead of the Koch brothers spending billions on campaign ads, the Koch brothers give you the money. What's not to like? 
  8. Don't tell me that an American public willing to send our youth to war to defend our freedom are not willing to risk the dangers of public ballots so as to build up that very freedom having difficult conversations. Conversations are not bullets. 
The most important aspect of public voting is us having conversations. As the masses,  as 7 billion people on this planet we out number the 1% by 99%. The opportunity for positive power vs. direct political persecution is 99:1. Why throw the 99% positive power opportunity away for fear of the 1% negative persecution? That's what we give up today with secret ballots. We the people need to find ground for consensus as the masses. This consensus of the masses pushed upward to our politicians will stand the test of time for support politically. Public voting allows us to validate in real-time, every second of every day how well consensus is changing. Every heart, every mind that is won over for something like gay marriage gets registered. Power. Power, power, power.

Public voting is power. Secret voting is not because of vote dilution on large scales. Public voting via the vote bank, six-degrees voting and the DOL promotes public awareness of changing public sentiment.

Public voting represents power by enabling mass consensus. This new mass consensus will enable us to treat politics as politics en mass by demonstrating a new found sense of deal making amongst we the people and establishing new customs and new culture to compromise our ideas across a spectrum of political issues we face daily.


Conversations equal consensus!

Welcome to the 21st century!

Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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