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Replacing Politics with Life

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Irreni World Scale takes unusual positions with respect to fixing politics:
  1. System not policy. IWS is a scalable system of politics that scales from tribe, to continent, to planet, to solar system and beyond! 
  2. Individuals not the leaders. Irreni focuses on empowering you, the individual, and not the heads or the leaders. The objective was stated by Thomas Jefferson, "The government that governs best governs least because the people govern themselves. 
  3. Technology of the day. Empowering everyone is far more complicated then empowering a governing body, a President or a Congress. Irreni is not possible at all without technology. Irreni World Scale requires a minimum technology of the Internet, massive education, massive storage, massive communication and individual hand-held devices connected to all of these. 
  4. Culture. Irreni requires everyone promote the kind of culture they want to live in. The Irreni system then is used to mash up the wants and desires of every one of us. 
  5. Relative morality. Rights represent a sort of absolute morality. Rights smack of religion and dogma. Irreni rights are assumptions, not morality. We assume everyone has the right to individual currency. In some sense Irreni rights are like the forces of physics, the fewer the better. The fewest assumptions or rights a system like Irreni can impose and yet still function for everyone is the ideal. 
  6. Social experiments and science. Politics traditionally has been underpinned by ideology. Irreni replaces ideology with innovation. Claims about social efficacy are validated with science. 
Another way to look at all these unusual positions is that politics as a concept should not exist. The word politics comes from Latin where 'poli' means head. Politics by definition is about the head governing the body.

Before the onset of public education the concept of politics makes sense. Uneducated people are the most similar people. Someone once said we are all alike in our happiness but distinct in our pain. It can also be said that we are all alike in our ignorance, but distinct in our education.

The politics of a head making a decision for a body works best for an uneducated body where the body can be easily controlled in no small part because the body is homogeneous in composition.

But what if a political body is made of everyone as smart as Albert Einstein? Does a head really make sense then?

Irreni World Scale takes the position of "No", it does not make sense for a head to govern an educated populace. In fact, it is impossible. Irreni aims to replace the head with tribes of educated people. These people take their cultural objectives of the kind of life they want and mash them up with the gestalt tribe-of-tribes. Experiments are conducted to prove that social claims work as opposed to legislation of today that doesn't scale because ideology on paper may never work in practice.. Is health care a right?

As Irreni World Scale is successful then life replaces politics. Air, water, land, technology, weapons and all other domains of politics are really just life. Decisions about life. Decisions either we can make or decisions the head can make. Irreni World Scale sides with "we".

Does it make any sense for a judge to decide the fate of a divorce? Or would it make more sense for the community at large?

Today people are totally turned off about politics, turned off about participating in the political system. This is what the heads that are defined as "poli" in the word "politics" want. In some respects this is what they need. Political heads today need us to be disengaged because it is an impossible task to "head" a society with so many competing cultural ideals that result from a heterogeneous culture born of massive education.

It is time to face the music. No government, no government can scale when defined as politics with the head leading the body. We need to step up and own the responsibility of producing non-political systems that focus on individuals first as responsible for defining and managing life and then combines the competing views with science of social experiments. Irreni World Scale just represents my attempt at owning up to that responsibility.

This work of mashing up decisions that affect everyone beginning with individual wants will never be done and never be fixed in processes as people live and die every day and so their individual wants and needs change every day.


Scale your empathy, scale the world! 

Find your tribe!

Be sexy people!

The future is coming! 

Innovate at a rapid pace!

Slow speed ahead!

Well come! and well met!

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